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I'm a very creative young man who doesn't get to indulge my imagination anywhere near as much as I would like. I spend my days working, spending time with my wife, keeping our budget, and dreaming of creating wonderful Cosplays and LARP events. I am into just about any fantasy, science-fiction, or post-apocalyptic world you can imagine, but the creation of "Tamriel" will be my first time creating a world for other people to play in. I'm excited for the new way to put my thoughts onto paper, and for the opportunity to watch others revel in it.

My job requires me to be out-of-contact for weeks at a time, and moving is a regular thing in my line-of-work. While that will prevent me from building things at any kind of superhuman rate, it can't stop my imagination from crafting new quests, characters, towns, holdfasts, and more and storing them in my brain for the future! Let's get questing!

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