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I've been gaming for a little over a decade. Like many, I got my start in 3E DnD and Old World of Darkness (mostly Vampire with bits of Werewolf, Changeling and Mage). Since then, I've dabbled in New World of Darkness (Changeling and Mortals, mostly), Pathfinder, Castles and Crusades, Exalted 2E, and 4E DnD. I'm currently interested in Castles and Crusades, Legends of the Wulin, Burning Wheel, and Anima: Beyond Fantasy.

As far as gaming style goes, I'm a story gamer. The things that brings me back to the table are (in no particular order) a good story, character and player group dynamics (i.e. players that get along well and characters that develop interesting chemistry within the group) and a sense of good fun. These are games after all, let's have some fun ^_^.



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