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I have been a Roleplayer since the 80's were brand new... I have an anime RPG campaign that I have been running for the last few years, as well as other genre RPGs. I am always willing to exchange and share tips, insights, ideas, and what have you with others.

In addition to RPG gaming, it would be nice to be part of additional events like participating or GMing at Convention Gaming Sessions, partaking in activities related and unrelated to gaming, swap "war stories", etc.

My expectation is to become a part of a gaming network, start a new or expand a current group, make new friends, etc.

My favorite RPGs in no particular order... Anything Anime (preference for Mekton Zeta, BESM, & Robotech) Anything SciFi (preference for Traveller, Star Frontiers, Star Wars, Star Trek, & Serenity) Anything Espionage (preference for Top Secret & Spycraft) Anything Superheroic (preference for Champions, Mutants & Masterminds, and Heroes Unlimited).

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