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I'm 25 years of age, soon to be 26. I am a gamer at heart. I enjoy RPGs, strategy games, board games, TCG games and video games. Among my favorite in each category are following-
RPGs: Sohvan (home brew system based off White wolf, Home brewed world with 180,000 years of detailed history), Pathfinder, and Vampire the Masquerade.

Strategy Games: Heroclix (Marvel and DC characters among characters from other universes placed on dials with powers and stats to represent their character, having battles with different stipulations, and various scenarios). Settlers of Catan, Chess

Board games: Risk, Scategories.

TCG games: Magic the Gathering. I did dabble into Yu-Gi-Oh for a few weeks, and still have many of the cards for their artistic value.

video games: Mass Effect Series, Halo Series (Campaigns, not PvP), Ninja Gaiden Series, Batman Arkham series, Fable series.

When I am not gaming or working, I enjoy spending time with my family which consists of my girlfriend, and our 1 year old daughter. Some of my gaming is also done with my girlfriend as she enjoys Magic and While Wolf games.

I am currently taking a break from working. I was working at T-mobile, however lost my job when the 1500 employees were laid off. I am using my savings to cover all my bills. The plan is to return to work force and start looking for work in September. Until then, I am on vacation (no I am not mooching off unemployment, as I am not receiving any).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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