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I am Walter. I enjoy all types of games. From video games to board games to table top games. My wife got me into tabletop games and that is why I am here. This site is amazing for keeping track of everything you need for a campaign. Currently I go to:

Visit the shop and you may see me there.

Characters old and new (in alphabetical order):
Bane Wayne - (Human Barbarian) First pathfinder character and currently still in ongoing campaign.
Elvis - (Human Cleric) DnD 5th Edition Playtest 1 as well as first character ever played even if for only the final session of the playtest.
Loki Utgard - (Human Barbarian) Pathfinder character in an ongoing campaign
Megatron Energon - (Gnome Paladin/Cleric) DnD 4e character. Killed by another player character because myself and another PC were trying to kill off another PC who was also controlled by an NPC (confusing right?)
Mumm-Ra - (Drow Assassin) DnD 4e character. Built after the death of Megatron. Currently in an ongoing campaign.
Zod Fultaran - (Mul Cleric) First DnD 4e character. Retired him due to absences from game sessions to pursue advancement in career. Came back to that campaign with a new character Megatron.

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