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I'm an administrator for a web forum called "Mayhem Gaming" that supports online gaming through the use of a virtual table top program and other forms of online gaming. I run a BFRPG game and I'm playing in a marvel superheroes and two 3.5e play by post games. I'm in the process of tweaking the oop system "BootHill" to suit me and my desire to run a rules lite western game.

Mayhem Gaming: Our community focuses on Pen & Paper RPG's such as Dungeons and Dragons, New World of Darkness, D20 Modern and other RPG systems. Those in our community play these games online, typically through an open source program called Traipse but Instant Messengers, voice chat programs and Play by Post games are also played. Our membership is free and open to everyone worldwide. The Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game is a rules-light game system based loosely on the d20 SRD v3.5, heavily rewritten with inspiration from early RPG game systems. It is suitable for those who are fans of "old-school" game mechanics. Basic Fantasy RPG is simple enough for children in perhaps second or third grade to play, yet still has enough depth for adults as well.

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