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About Me (PaoliMark)

My screen name comes from where my wife and I own a small art gallery ten miles south of Wisconsin's Capital City of Madison WI.

Check out our website at or find us on Facebook at Paoli Mill Park Gallery for more information or how to pay a us a visit. We had been doing art shows when we came into the opportunity of a shop that had become a money pit of doom to its then owner. We’ve since turned the gallery into viable business, we are not getting rich but are holding our own.

The piece I use as my avatar on the sight is a fan art piece I made for a BattleShop contest. To be honest I didn't submit the piece by the deadline but I like it. I will be updating my "minis" website as an experiment for another more serious project in the near future.

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GMing Resume...

Galatrix Delivery and Recovery Services
d20 Campaign set in the Farscape Universe.

None Active as a GM right now....

Battletech: "A Wolf, a Swede and a Merc"
Ongoing campaign set in the mid 3070's

17th Support Cluster Clan Wolf in Exiles
Miseries Cavaliers (Merc's under contract with the Lyran Alliance)
2nd Freemen Expeditionary Force (Recalled to FRR Space 3073)

Current engagement: Defense of Skye

Hero System; (Currently "using" 5th Edition)
"Champions," Windy City Warriors (2006-Suspended 2009)
Several Others 1984-1990

F/Sci-Fi "Outland": ~1990-2004:

AD & D: The Shores of Fracnard 1983-1985