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A girl of many talents and interests, I've been running TRPGs for over twenty years.

My favorites are:
  • AD&D 2nd Edition[*]Rolemaster FRP[*]Warhammer FRP 2nd & 3rd[*]Mekton Zeta[*]Alpha Omega[*]Eclipse Phase[*]GURPS 4th[*]Rifts[*]Call of Cthulhu 5th Edition[*]Paranoia 5th Edition[*]Traveller (Mongoose & T5)[*]Star Wars D6[*]Earthdawn[*]CthulhuTECH[*]New World of Darkness[*]Corporation[*]Hero 5th Edition[*]RuneQuest[*]Fantasy Craft[*]D&D 4th Edition[*]Rogue Trader[*]Deadlands Classic

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