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Hello, I am Roshan Erasmus of Mauritia, specifically ÃŽle du Sud of the Cargados Carajos Islands. My grandfathers (both paternal and maternal you understand) were great rival pirates of the Indian Ocean and surrounding seas until they both accidentally stumbled upon the salt-peter mines of ÃŽle du Sud. After sinking one another's ships upon her shoals and killing most of their men, they finally decided to settle the dispute by entering into a partnership. It was to prove most fruitful as the gun powder, now renowned worldwide as "Vulcan Powder" that could be made from the mine's salt-peter was of unusually high quality. At first, of course, they sold to other pirates, but as the tide turns they saw the days of the pirate's decline approaching and gradually began finding more civilized customers and eventually became completely legitimate. Of course to further cement their partnership two of their children, my parents, married. Alas they have passed, and now I and my sister Cadriana are two of the controlling owners of Vulcan Powder Enterprises, along with my uncles, aunt, and two cousins.

Cadriana and I are proud to lead the expansion of Vulcan Powder and Vintage Firearms in America. Cadriana being as much a master of gunsmithing as she is as beautiful as our beloved mother has added her specialized knowledge to augment our sales. Chances are if your an accomplished enough marksman to value Vulcan Powder you want your firearms handled with the greatest of care, or perhaps you are in the market for a new acquisition to your collection. I with our Vulcan Powder and Cadriana with her unparalleled skills most surely can supply your needs.

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