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The sign hangs unevenly to the right, it's ill managed placing evident of the precision of a druken stupor. The words scribbled on it, worn and faded like the memories of a haze covered cemetary, spoke "Adventurer's Needed." This was the place...

Greetings to all,
My name is Alexander and I am a newbie-ish player to the world of D&D and table top RPGs in general. Although I have had some (limited) experience to playing table top RPGS in the past, I have only frequently truly gotten into it ... and I must say rather hard core.
Being the DM for several D&D 4.0 games, several campaigns invovlving a home brew world known as Hilinni, as well as D&D Encounters on Wednesdays at a local gaming store, and soon a Neverwinter heroic setting campaign, I enjoy the aspect of being the stoy-teller and can understand why some people just really enjoy DMing. Although I must admit I have my moments where I like being a player and devling deep into the adventure I play in.

An iron bell rings softly upon the horizon. "Ah... it seems the hour grows late. Guess it be time fer me to make my way..."

It was a pleasure. /bow



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