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Currently live in Salt Lake.(I happen to love it here and even though I am a heathen and I like my Mormon friends so make jokes at your own peril. They are nice but I am not) Married, kids, Disabled Vet (Army 80s), loves Motorcycles, painting and customizing miniatures, good food, beer and spirits and an ordained minister. I Started playing Dungeons and Dragons in 1977/78 in St. Louis, Mo. My campaigns are rather playercentric and a bit oldschool as my biggest influences from that time where Bledsoe (Judges Guild) and Hargrave (Arduin Grimoire).. for those of you who remember gaming in the 70s You know exactly what I mean! Hell of a good time!

I play and have played versions of DnD, Pathfinder, Hero System, Traveller, Runequest, Gamma World, Shadowrun, WOD, etc.. Oh and yes.. I even once played Bunnies and Burrows.


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