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I'm Karl,

Just some OOC info about me -

I'm not really all that sane, and getting straight answers out of me is like trying to squeeze blood from a stone unless you're direct, as I tend to give the "SAT Vocabulary" version of anything I describe. I'm spacy, easily distracted by anything technologically advanced or sexually attractive, an incurable flirt, moody, impulsive, obnoxious, sarcastic, and most of all - loud. My flirtations are just my personality though. I don't mean to be as flamboyant or as pointedly direct as I come off, and no - I'm NOT looking. I r the married and very happy about it.

Likes - Making people smile and laugh. LARP in general, Werewolf Specifically. Anything with buttons. Beer and smoke. My Wife. Science. Food - Japanese in particular. Making fun of the overly religious.

Dislikes - Religion, politics, warm beer, cold food - unless it's meant to be cold, Tequila, Pink shirts on Guys.


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