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So, I'm a GM virgin. That all suddenly changed the one day that I decided to give it a bash in October 2010. However, I apparently didn't take any short cuts in the matter. I didn't take an existing setting and system and start a game based on that. Oh no, that's far too easy.

I took an existing system, and panel-beated the hell out of it to make a system that I can use for a world that I am passionate about - StarCraft. There are a lot of similarities from the system I started with (Warhammer 40k: Death Watch), however there are also a lot of things that I designed from scratch. The different character classes, experience trees, equipment, weapons, tools, cybernetics, abilites and skills are largely my own doing.

So far, and I speak under my players' correction should they choose, it's going rather well. I'm having a lot of fun guiding my players through the StarCraft universe, and they're having fun in it as well. I largely stick to the StarCraft canon, on the other hand I am giving my players a lot of freedom and choices in the world. They can literally do anything they want, the repercussions they may just not know about...



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