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Hello, my name is Greg. I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons on and off since about 1987. I started out with the old Red/Blue/Black Boxes along with several friends at the time and we never really got too serious, but had a good time. A couple of us then moved into second edition when it came out and played for about a year at a local comic shop - I remember that we had such a blast (a friends encounter with Lich who had cast an illusions on itself and the unfortunate end to one of my favorite characters to 10,000 rats when the DM became annoyed with me - Hey, it happens when your younger brother is the DM and you are only 14).

I got away from playing for quite some time then decided to pick it back up a couple of years after third edition came out. Together with a couple of friends we talked about playing regularly but after about a month or so of playing something would happen (arguments and time issues) and the game would end, this happened for a couple of years and we only ever finished one adventure completely. As it turned out it was always more about the story and less about the game play. We ended up sitting around discussing our adventures for for several years at random times rather than playing through them under any game structure.

It stayed that way for me until I was browsing the web page and found there were several local groups that were looking for players. I posted my interest in joining a group and left it at that. About a month later I was contacted by a group and asked if I was interested in joining. I jumped at the opportunity and met with the groups organizer. I agreed to join and began to play regularly for about a year and half.

I started playing again, this time in a 4e game, and found that I really enjoyed playing this version as much as previous versions. I guess the group really matters cause I really like all the players in the group and I think we play well together. I have always enjoyed the storytelling and roll-playing part of D&D and am excited to be again playing with some good friends and great people who have made the game Awesome for me again!


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