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About Me (Ravenborn)

Podunk is not the most ideal place for the creative mind. One often grows up knowing that there are few like them in the area, and when the intricacies of working on a truck engine or the inner workings of watching grown men yell at their TV screens during a football game seems exasperatingly dull, one fully realizes that there is little hope in finding friends. Even still, in our wonderful world there are other ways to fill the creative void, and with our ever-growing technology, there are also new ways to find like minds as well.

Most of my gaming is done on the internet, whether that be through Virtual Game Tables like OpenRPG or Maptools, or through play-by-post forums like Mayhem Gaming and Myth-Weavers. I've also been lucky enough to find an excellent group who lives relatively nearby to play live with.

I've played the table. Few classes and races are strangers to me, and my portfolio of characters has gotten large enough that I've had to start storing them elsewhere. What can I say? I love building them, as well as building worlds, wonders, and writing epic stories to go alongside them.