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About Me (pfjake11)

Began with the RED BOX in '86 when i was twelve. First character was a fighter, second was an elf.

Played WoD (Werewolf, Vampire, Changeling, Mage), but fav Whitewolf has to be Aberrant with Aeon (Trinity) being a close second. LARP...:P

Acorns are my favorite fruit in Shadowrun

I have Autoduel'd with Champions, Fought Romulan Birds of Prey with the Excelsior, out fenced a Wookie & taken out a Jedi with a deck clearing blaster (AoE vs. Jedi without energy absorbtion = Winning!).

I have Marveled at Mutants and Masterminds as a Pink Bunny with a WILDHARE, burped but never GURP'd or MERP'd, avoid the DIABOLIC construct of computer games--give me P&P RPG's, for anything is just posing.

DM'd GM'd, created a solar system, destroyed a pantheon, and even nurtured a geek in training :). Cant forget also TPK'd a few insolent players for digressing too much and disrupting the game--so beware and pay attention, for I AM AN ANGRY AND VENGEFUL GOD...<evil laugh>. Or was than my fallen Jedi?