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Name's Jack. I'm one of those stereotypical fantasy nerds, what with the writing and the reading and the roleplaying, et cetera. I'm also hard to offend, hard to upset, and generally nice- albeit I can easily slip from funny to offensive if one is not used to me, or... Well, general twisted thoughts. No, I'm not saying that to sound cool or whatever. It's a problem more often than not, but hey. People think that's funny, so I roll with it.

I've been roleplaying via forum and AIM and what-have-you for well over eleven years now, since I was nine and on Neopets. (I actually found one of my ancient posts- it was atrocious) But, hey, live and learn. Now I think I'm at least decent at it, enough to be passable for most circles. As for Roleplaying out loud... I could be better. Hell, I could be better at forum RP, but roleplaying over a table is hard for me if I'm not comfortable with everyone there. I'm slowly getting used to it, though. Hooray for that.

I like people easy. Chances are, I already like you if I've never met you. If you like me as well, then hell. Should be friends. Wink!


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