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Wow, it just occurred to me that its been 28 years since I was first exposed to RPGs. My sister got a copy of the "magenta" D&D Basic set, and left if fallow for about a year before I appropriated it for myself, and then picked up the Expert set as well.

After about two years of dabbling with the Basic and Expert sets, I had picked up the Marvel Super Heroes Basic set, and moved on to Advanced D&D. Two more years would find me picking up the Forgotten Realms as my setting of choice, and also expanding my RPG world to encompass Star Frontiers, the Ghostbusters RPG, and playing in my friend's Mechwarrior and Top Secret SI games.

We gamed an insane amount of time through High School. We had no social life and about 15 hours of gaming a week through the school year, and even more than that in the summer time.

After we were out of school, gaming slowed down, and when I was first married and my first daughter arrived, I got out of gaming all together for a few years. But as fate would have it, I'm a geek at heard, and eventually I jumped back into Alternity and D&D 3.0.

After a few years of good games but difficult scheduling, I began running my games at the awesome FLGS, first running a 3.5 Forgotten Realms game there, then a Pathfinder game, as well as a Star Wars Saga game, and now a DC Adventures/Mutants and Masterminds 3e game.

And along the way I've made my kids into geeks as well.


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