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A graduate student from New Hampshire, I've been storytelling since my sophomore year with a theater group in highschool. Since then, I've participated in countless stories, but have also run everything from Green Ronin's "Song of Ice and Fire" to White Wolf's "Changeling: The Dreaming" to a personalized Middle-earth epic. I tend to run older editions of games but I've played in plenty of other settings. I'm always open to new invites, though I tend to favor more role-playing types (I'm not a big fan of min-maxer games or dungeon crawls) but I've been pretty versatile thus far.

I've also been called a great story teller by numerous players, have run games with dozens of players, have run two LARPs, played in countless others, and held together both a Changeling game and a Middle-earth setting for over six years.


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