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I have played RPGs since they originally shipped in the little box with 3 little books. Growing up near Flying Buffalo I played a lot of T&T as well. When Champions came out that became my game of choice and I played and ran in D&D and Champions games all through high school. In my early adult life, I dabbled in professional game material production and ran games at various Cons around the western states sponsored by different game companies. Ironically, my favorite game systems, FUDGE and FATE, are ones that seems strangely difficult to find other players who have even heard of it. So I often just settle for whatever is popular. :)

Family life has been my priority for the last many years, but I still played or ran games off and on over the years. I also run an IT company so my gaming time is limited.

Now my youngest son (age 10) has shown a strong interest in the game (we have been playing DDO online together several times a month for the past year) so now's the time to let him really see what the game is all about. I bought the core books for DnD4e and started forming a campaign.

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