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Cade entered the Winterhaven temple, nodding to the the head priestess as he entered. He continued forward to the Northern corner of the temple where Pellor's followers had erected a small shrine. He kneeled and yawned, then felt guilty for yawning. He was tired after a long walk back from the ruins. He closed his eyes and began to reflect. It was midnight and only one candle lit the corner wall. He asked Pellor for strength to carry on and assist the townfolk here. He doesn't recall falling asleep during his reflection, but he awoke the next morning to find the priestess standing over him. The priestess smiled as she looked down on him. "It seems Pellor granted your wishes last night," she said quietly, as to not disturb others in the temple. "Look at your armor, it seems to have ruins etched into it."
He rose slowly, stiff from laying on the cold stone floor. His armor did indeed have etchings that were not there previously. He realized that Pellor had granted him new divine powers, a simple cleric turned Warpriest to aid those around him. Now, his resolve was even greater to find and destroy the Cult of Shar.


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