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I’ve been playing Dungeons and Dragons since 1983 and have followed the game through its ever-changing editions, starting with the Basic Box Set.

Although I’ve been a Dungeon Master (DM) most of the time, I started out as a player. I have fond memories of my first characters, Goldentag (a Ranger/Bounty hunter who shot golden tipped arrows) and a monk named Amsorak. I named Amsorak, I think, after a lake in Gary Gygax’s Greyhawk campaign. Amsorak was in a Greyhawk campaign created by a high school acquaintance. It was from this DM that I realized the potential and the shortcomings of what a DM can offer.

After the Greyhawk campaign died out, I tried starting my own campaign which was pretty inconsistent for years. In the early 90s, some friends and I started a Forgotten Realms campaign with me as the DM.

Set in the Forest Kingdom of Cormyr, that campaign started family names like Crestkeeper, McClure, Theoff, and characters like Jorrond (Lil’ Jon), Syn Darkblade, and Goldentag—inspired by my first D&D character. Although the campaign lasted only for a few years, it was that campaign’s well-developed characters and rich storyline that has since evolved into what would become our current award-winning campaign, The Legacy of the Realms.

The Legacy of the Realms is currently using the D&D 5th Edition game system. It was lucky enough to win Obsidian Portal's 2012 Campaign of the Year.



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