Imperial Age

Victorian Adventure Setting. The first page of the Game Masters' Guide to Victorian Adventure by Walt Ciechanowski runs thusly:

Walt Ciechanowski

The term “Victorian” immediately conjures up images of men in top hats and women in bustles taking a hansom through the foggy, gas lit, cobblestone streets of London. While this is certainly a part of it, the truth is that Great Britain’s presence was felt throughout the world during the Imperial Age. She competed with other European (and native) powers over control of Africa and Asia. She inspired Japan to westernize its society and armies. Across the Atlantic, the former British colonies were also making their presence known throughout the world. While the entire world may not have been controlled by Great Britain in the Imperial Age, it certainly felt her influence.

The Imperial Age is best known to Americans as the age of the Old West, when gunfighters fought for justice against evil cattle barons, corrupt landowners, and scalp-hungry Indians. It is seen as a simpler time, but it was anything but simple. Driven by the industrial revolution, steam engines roared across the Great Plains, the deserts, and even the Rocky Mountains. One could travel from New York to San Francisco without ever leaving the “modern” comforts offered by locomotive travel. The latest fashions could be shipped from London and Paris to Boston, New York, New Orleans, and beyond.

In short, while most campaigns will probably be set in London or, more generally, the British Empire (and early Imperial Age supplements support this), Imperial Age campaigns can take place anywhere in the world throughout the 1880s and 1890s, combining Western influences with local culture. Add in a dose of magic or steampunk, and you are truly limited only by your imagination when designing an Imperial Age campaign.

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Publisher: Adamant Entertainment

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