Shadow Chasers

In this setting, evil monsters, usually from one or more parallel dimensions, roam free around the world. However, most people do not see these creatures for what they really are, seeing instead a vague approximation which is still plausible in that person's beliefs about reality. (See consensus reality.) For example, an ogre would appear to the average person as a very burly man. The player characters are somehow capable of seeing through this veil, and typically take on responsibility for defending humanity from the monsters. It originally appeared as a d20 mini-game in Polyhedron Magazine issue #150.

Edition: 1st

Publisher: Wizards of the Coast

Default Rule System: D20 Modern (1st)

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10 Fiber Cement Cladding Styles Setting: Shadow Chasers GM: 5b52d828b2ca35c2a1f34b90a98849a7_tinyali warraich (ali90)
Mists of Pireaus Setting: Shadow Chasers GM: Bitter_chivalry_tinyMarkos Knight (MarkosKnight)