Lands of Brixia

The lands of Brixia are in turmoil. It has been almost 20 years since the end of the Great War, also called the Beast War.

Bandits and beasts plague the roads and forests of Brixia, which were once guarded by shining knights, who offered safe passage and respite to weary travelers.

Abandoned arcane towers dot the countryside, like beacons of power and knowledge beckoning to those who would risk body and soul to learn their secrets; remnants of the once all-powerful Arcanist's Guild.

Dank, putrid swamps give birth to forgotten ancient temples of the old gods, while secret cults recruit followers and sacrifice non-believers under blood red full moons.

Southern Brixia, once a mighty empire, has been reduced to a handful of petty splinter-kingdoms; ruled by self-appointed nobles raiding and testing each other’s ever-changing borders each day.

The Emperor of the South Brixian, once ruler of a mighty empire, now cursed and feeble, impatiently awaits death's call as his High Council bickers over who will be the rightful heir.

Trade Guilds watch their coffers bursting with silver, as they supply one greedy kingdom, then another, with ore, weapons, and even slaves.

Mercenary companies' ranks swell as the South Brixian Kingdoms look for any advantage to claim the most territory.

The Northern Brixian warlords who were promised the lands and riches of the south have declared South Brixia now ripe for the picking, with the fall of the empire. Barbaric war bands sweep down from the icy wastes, pillaging and enslaving the weak. Some say they look for women and food, for their numbers grow smaller every season.

The dwarves, with a new sense of self-preservation have secluded themselves in their mountains, licking their wounds, mining, and vowing vengeance against Brixia's wrongdoings with a prophetic Age of Tears.

Tribal alliances between goblins, the orcs and their ilk still remain strong after the war, with the orcs expanding their territories. With the collapse of the Brixian empire, there is no force strong enough to hold the orcs in check.

The mighty Ymirians struggle against hamlet- raiding giants amongst the slopes of the Ice Fang Mountains, while some say that dragon-spawn have been spotted hunting within the Silver Forest and beyond.

The noble high elves, having been betrayed by Brixian greed, withdraw into their forested enclaves, as they have done in the past, once again patiently waiting for the opportunity to embrace the race of man with wisdom.

It has been said that the Avian race has evolved to a more human form upon accepting Vexus as their primary god. None have been seen since the war.

The wars pushed the shadow elves back into their underground cities, taking all of their knowledge of ancient magicks with them.

Once again enslaved at the onset of the Beast Wars, both the Lizard men and Beast men races toil under the lash of those willing to use any means to increase their power. Pockets of escaped slaves are rumored to be led by a Beast man of unsung prowess, who has sworn to unite and free all slaves.

Many Wild elves fled south to their temperate forests, seeking solace amongst the trees, but some stayed, having been seduced b the ways of the north.

Here our story begins. Explore lands ripe with danger, riches and untold glory. History is calling for adventurers to make a name for themselves, whether noble or callous, by sword or by song.

Welcome to the Lands of Brixia.

Edition: 1.0

Publisher: Pallendrome Games

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