Being a compilation of tales writ large upon the land.

Welcome to the home of "A Company of Outriders", my online Castle & Crusades campaign.

Our tale begins at a small fortified keep on the far edge of the kingdom. A fledgling settlement has begun to take shape as more hardy souls and those seeking a fresh start travel to the keep. The surrounding land has proved quite fertile so a few farms, hardly more than gardens at present, have attracted those in search of free allotments.

To the north and east lie the Marklands, a vast stretch of the unknown. Tavern tales and Skald lore tell of a once mighty empire that thrived there for a century or more before succumbing to an unknown fate hundreds of years ago.

Expeditions beyond the Mark are advised to hire as many outriders as coin allows to keep the goblins, orcs, and worse at bay.

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10/4 Adventure Summary
After a couple of years of traveling separately, the Company of Outriders reunited in Nordmark. As is typical for adventurers, they partied hard and set out the next day hung over, following a treasure map that Corinius had brought back with him.

Also accompanying them were their old friends Bors and Lars, as well as a still-disgruntled Joseph the archer. The twins Epicaste and Xanthe, and their older brother Cormac also tagged along.

Upon entering the ruin, the party scared up a nest of a dozen owlbears, which proceeded to chase them (definitely not screaming like valley girls in an Appalachian horror flick) deeper into the ruin. The party barricaded themselves in a room with no exits, as the owlbears screeched outside and beat upon the door.

As the door began to give way, the party discovered a magical macguffin that zapped them away into a nearly identical room, and then disintegrated.

Now, lost in the depths of a strange dungeon, who-knows-where, the party wanders about, trying to survive and escape.

They explored one level of the dungeon and a small portion of the level above, slaying several monsters...
- 3 Ghouls (25xp/1)
- 4 Robber Flies (20xp/1)
- 5 Zombies (20xp/1)
- 4 Goblin Guards (5xp/1)
- 1 Outcast Goblin (5xp/1)
...and also discovering some loot...
- 4 Gems, which Corinius appraised at 500gp each, and took. (2000xp)
- A MU scroll containing Sleep and Protection From Evil, which the party gave to Xanthe. (???xp)
- A fine suit of leather armor, not yet looted (10:00 came upon us suddenly and we had to stop playing), but worn by the Outcast Goblin. (???xp)
- And numerous coins, which the party left in-place, not having a good way to transport them. (0xp, unless they figure out how to get them out of the dungeon)

The initial exploration was done by Raudebjorn, Corinius, Bors, Lars, Epicaste, and Xanthe. Raudebjorn and Corinius, being the primary party members, each recieved 2 shares of xp. Bors, Lars, Epicaste, and Xanthe, being retainers, each recieved 1 share of XP. The total xp for that part of the adventure was 2255. (Plus the value of the scroll, which I will have to look up later.) So that is 564xp for Raudebjorn and Corinius, and 282 for the four others.

The beginning exploration of the level above was conducted by the entire party, and earned a total of 25xp (plus the value of the armor, which I will have to look up later). Once again, Raudebjorn and Corinius, being the primary party members, earned 2 shares each, and the rest of the party earned one share each. So that's 5xp for Raude and Corinius and 3 for everyone else.

Additionally, as an award for completing a whole dungeon level, each party member was awarded a 500xp bonus.

So the total experience awards are:
- Raudebjorn and Corinius: +1069xp
- Lars, Bors, Epicaste, and Xanthe: +785xp
- Everyone Else: +503xp
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New peeps and a haunted house
I was sitting in a courtyard getting all Zen-like, when a female is tackled in front of me. I hear some of them saying that she has been corrupted by some article of clothing. I move up to take a closer look as a gnome appears, casts some sort of spell, and helps them subdue the girl. I follow them and eavesdrop on their conversation. The girl was a companion of theirs and she was under some spell. I am impressed with the way the group worked to help their friend without hurting her.

Latter at a local tavern, I meet up with the group and sit down to have a drink. A couple of hours latter I’m being invited to join their group. They have recently lost a companion to some dark creatures in a haunted wizards house. I accept their invite and will meet them after they burry their friend.

We enter the house and everything is pretty dark. I hang back, not sure of my role in this group. They say something about some ghostly librarian and enter a room. I hear some fighting, yelling, and then nothing. One of the clerics must have cast some sort of silence spell. The rest of us enter and search the room. Not much here.

We search upstairs and come across some odd things. The dwarf finds a mechanical bird, the ranger finds a hobby horse that turns out to be snake, and the thief finds a door that does nothing but spawn skeletons. What a weird collection of stuff.

The next room we come to looks like a wizards lab complete with a cadaver on a table, and a jar with what looks like a brain. I move in to check things out and all of the sudden I’m not in control of myself. I feel this uncontrollable urge to protect the brain -in-the-jar. My fellow n00b tries to smash the jar. I slap the taste out of his mouth and watch him drop to the floor. As he hit’s the floor, someone is able to smash the jar and end its control of me.

I see the poor bastard I hit will live. I hope they don’t hold it against me.
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Companions Lost
After the loss of Rizon and Kendrak Soulsworn at the hands of two huge beast-men, the part beat a hasty retreat from the depths and limped back to Nordmark. Along the way they met up with Henry Smith, a traveling knight. Henry offered to help them back to town and along the way decided to throw his lot in with theirs.

While recouping their strength in A Villains Luck, the party heard a disturbance out in the street. Upon investigating, they found a mortally wounded messenger that had just stumbled into town with a message for Dolphia Sternborg concerning a caravan containing a massive shipment of hops that was ambushed by bandits.

The party sought out Dolphia and she offered them a reward for the return of her merchandise. The party agreed and set out at once to the south in search of the bandits.

Along the way the party battled a pair of unusually aggressive wolves and a group of orcs. Finally they spotted signs of wagon tracks and a disturbance indicating a battle, but no bodies.

As they were debating their next move, they were approached by a Arta Mazzle, a half-elven cleric that asked if they had heard of Kendrak... be continued
Session: Game Session - Sunday, Dec 04 2011 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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