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  • Which editions of D&D have you played?
    • Original / Basic D&D (0.0)
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    • 1st Edition D&D (1.0)
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    • 2nd Edition D&D (2.0)
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    • 3rd Edition D&D (3.0)
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    • 3rd Edition D&D (3.5)
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    • 4th Edition D&D (4.0)
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    • Pathfinder D&D (3.75)
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    • D&D? You mean WOD, GURPS, Rolemaster/MERPS, etc
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Which editions of D&D have you played (select all that apply) and what was the strongest memory of that edition?

This is not edition wars.

OK my thread I am going first!

0.0 - Basic was the beginning for me. First character a fighter (dead in the first 5 minutes), second character an Elf which was my race and my class, which was no problem because I didn't know any better. Oh did I mention from basic to immortal with the elf. Questar rocks (and yes I played gauntlet). The Known World, Gazateers and the World of Mystara, which I still run to this day.

1.0 - Greyhawk, Ravenloft and the Temple of Elemnetal Evil, NUFF SAID!

2.0 - Bloodstone (technically 1.0 but drifting into 2.0) Pass, Mines, Wars, Orcus, etc. Oh and a little known world by the name of Forgotten Realms. I really enjoyed Dark Sun and Dark Sun Psionics "the Will & the Way".

3.0 - Very short term, the character creator disk rocked up until you figured out you would never get an update that worked for years. Screwups to Psionics, etc not a great version for most.

3.5 - Devin Solas Half-Elf of the Moonshay Isles and longest running character I played. Oh my the onset of d20 and 3rd party supplements, dice and armor rating that all went the same direction, skills, etc High rolls are good, low rolls are bad, etc. I know most of this came with 3.0 but it really doesnt feel like it counts so this is my version of history. World and settings are exploding all over the place, Midnight, Sword & Sorcerery, etc.

4.0 - Wow, are we sure this is D&D, ya the book says so. I really forced myself to work through it. I played a fighter again for the first time in many additions and you know what I found out that this systems lets all of the characters do cool stuff. The rules and options are a bit rigid at first but just like leather we will break them in. Making characters is far easier, prepping encounters for a GM is far easier. Some downsides are Stealth & Hidden version errata 4.0 (WTF). Oh and with healing surges it is now farely hard to kill PCs. I really like rituals, and the new skills. Several years in we now have more choices and race/class combo's than any previous edition. The online is hit or miss with the compendium and digital tools.

Pathfinder - A very good polished version of 3.5. If this would have come out before 4.0 I may have made some very different choices. I have had fun playing in several games of Pathfinder. The world is very cool and I have played in a Forgotten Realms game with Pathfinder rules. Nice job on skill ranks and skills. Clean up of spells, definitions and many loose rules from previous editions. Also nice job on Magic Items.

Well this is my short story and I am going from memory, so if I quote the wrong setting in the wrong edition I am ok with it.

Game on!

I'm sad to not see Fantasy Craft here, since it strips 3e down to the frame and rebuilds it as a Ferrari, but at least I can click the "I play other stuff too" option. :)
I've played so many versions it's difficult to keep track. For second and earlier editions I've only played a handful of adventures each. I spent more time reading those books than playing the game. I've played 3.x games almost weekly for more than a decade. I've been playing 4e since it came out and will continue to do so as long as there's a GM willing to run it. I've only played one game of Pathfinder. The last few years, I've been experimenting with a lot of other rule systems and I'm settling on Savage Worlds.
2e - Remembering every stupid rules-fail-awesome-scene-insanity moment we did. Probably breaking into a king's castle and getting caught on his bed while looking for a secret door.

3e - Played in a strange gods died war story as one of the gods reincarnated as an elf. Lots of strange intrigue -- the best part, though, was when he refused to be reincarnated again at the cost of his true love's soul.

3.5 - a 12 hour finale session to my (then) longest running campaign. Culminated in stopping Orcus from entering the mortal realm and lost two characters in that fight. Received a ticket for expired tabs while driving home at 8am.

4e - My old 2e group joined with my current group in the middle of my long running Rankan campaign. One player took on the dead character (now a revenant) of another player, while another had a mysterious past as a bastard. By the mid point of the campaign, they found they were all brothers (or, at least, half brothers) from the same mother and that the devil himself (asmodeus) used them to almost nearly bring down the entire world. All but one of my players consider that the best campaign we've done. The one holdout prefers the 3.5 game, so he gets a pass.
Ktulu, very nice I hear lots of history in those few lines!

Errr.. Does just knowing the 4ed rules count as playing? I will write you a cheque from my Swiss account to ensure that it does not. ;) Seriously, I just have never had the opportunity to even play being so involved with my 3.5, Pathfinder and Traveller campaigns. I must admit however that some of the supplemental work for 4ed is well done.

I think that as a lot of us grow older and we look back on the early days of gaming (Tekumel was first for me, then DnD) and how it captured the imagination of so many; It is those memories that keep a lot of us going. I do not know how many times I have longed for the old "magic" to come back when it was all shiny and new.

Current gaming is like that old reliable car.. that will always get you where you need to go, though not always in style or comfort, it gets the job done. In many cases, I would rather have that old car that I know will get me there than the brand new one that I have no idea what button to push.
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3.5 - I ran an epic game with 12 players at one point. We had so much happen in that campaign... lost at sea, curses, people turning slowly into ghouls, we even had a taco run with bag so brimming I thought I was going to flip the car over Flinstones fashion.

3.75 - I enjoyed playing a bard whom everyone thought was going to be a stupid character. Its all about knowing how to use your tools, I saved the group more than once and used my magic to good effect!

Everything else!!! I don't play D&D anymore, I've been a Cthulhu addict my whole gamer "career" and have been a huge Warhammer 40K RPG nerd since those came out. Playing a lot of Runequest II (Elric! and Stormbringer) lately as well.
Elric, very nice! I have played a variety of games beyond D&D, but I always return.

Maybe it is the blood.

3.5 make me sentimental about an old game, and folks I don't get to play with very often any more. You know who you are! (remember Galadala-ding-dong? That name is permanently in my brain)
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