thursday Night Group seeking players

I normally run a thursday night group starting at 6pm EST (new york time).

Last campaign I ran was the book of sorrows that lasted 6 months or so. It was an AD&D 1E game. Some of the players from that group stuck around and some left as time passed after the campaign ended. I am interested in starting up the gaming again, but I need another player or two that is interested in the old games, such as AD&D, Star Frontiers, Marvel Superheroes. We have been looking at newer games as well, such as Cthulhutech and Eclipse. Vampire games have been tossed around as ideas, as well as the old WEG Star Wars. Interested? Send me a message here or reply.

Is this a skype game? I understand that you might reside in PA? I do as well, in Phoenixville about 30 miles west, and a bit north, of Philly.

I could use a good Thursday night game if you are still looking?

Buck Backup

Skype game. Sadly you live about 2 hours from me according to Mapquest. Sucks. everyone is so far from me. Do you go to MEPACON?

I haven't been to any con ever but hearing all the hoo haa on RFI, just listened to CON CON, I'm sure to attend the next MEPACON. I see the fall version is Nov 11-13, COOL! Going? I'll have to get an RFI shirt just for the show. Sorry, I don't mean to sound like some blubbering fan of RFI but, I guess I am.

2 Hours is a bit far for me for a game. How late does your Thursday game run? I'm usually DM'ing games but have thought a lot about running a Cleric (really!?) since I've heard the Thane episodes.
Yup, Im going to mepacon. I think I will run a game or two.

The skype game normally runs from around 6pm to 9pm, its recorded as well and placed on the internet.

if you are interested in joining, its cool. But you might want to do some listening first to see what happened.

if you go here

and follow the Quest path, you can listen in.

After much thought it seems my schedule will be unable to support me playing on Thursday nights :(

Too many teenagers and household responsibilities on a weeknight for me to take an evening of prime time. I have my own small business and the other things I'm trying to keep afloat just won't allow it.

My wife grumbles at my bi-weekly game as it is.

Perhaps in a few months...I'll keep in touch and see you at MEPACON too.
need 2 players for a musketeers setting with some other parts to it. Play by post mostly relaxed pace.
Game is by Triple Ace Games
Al wobble man