Play by Post

i know you use blogs to post but what do you go,journal.I might just be a little ignorant but ive
never used blog before
Oh yes, wanted to start a independent Thread that was just P-B-P!

Hank, you can use the the Forum to do some P-B-P, I'd recommend using it conjunction with Skype.

There has been talk an doing an actual P-B-p Feature on the site that, from what has been discussed, will be a specialized forum tool that allow you to set up for battles, keep track of whats going on and, ::crosses fingers:: will somehow be tied into the recent Sessions feature that Admin as been working on.
Can't wait this will be great to have PBP functionality as I run both local at the shop and remote out of town. I dare say the PBP out of town I have not done a very good job with. Would be great to have a new tool or functions for this.

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