Why do I need paraphrasing?

Retelling is one of the most important types of work that combines all the subjects in the school, both humanities and technical. Usually, a retelling is understood as the presentation of the read text in its own words.

Important! The child should be taught not so much to retell as to understand the text. The vicious practice of mechanical retelling or simply memorizing individual sentences and paragraphs leads to gaps in memory: the topic is not understood, and therefore not assimilated.

Students and their parents should remember what the requirements for retelling are:

Live speech. No more learning by rote and rote learning!
The use of syntactic constructions, figurative expressions, and vocabulary taken from the text in the retelling.
Compliance with the sequence, the logic of the presentation, the establishment of causal factors.
Completeness of the text. It is important not to miss any facts, basic descriptions. This point especially concerns the retelling of scientific texts.
Expressiveness. The most painful drawback of the retelling is the monotony. Of course, retelling the paragraph about the structure of the frog is fun and mischievously difficult. But the retelling of a work of art must be emotional. Here, a good helper will be an expressive reading or reading by roles.
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