How Online Quran Classes are Conducted?


In recent years online learning has become very popular among the students and working class. Data shows that nearly three million students are enrolled in online degree programs. Our future careers are going to depend on technology and online learning.

The central shared characteristic of all Muslims is their belief in Allah who sent a verbal revelation called the Quran through Muhammad (PBUH) who was born around 570 C.E. in Arabian city Of Mecca and died in the nearby city of Medina in 632 C.E.

Muhammad (PBUH) is believed by the Muslims to have received divine revelation in the form of Quran. For Muslims, Quran is the single greatest sign of Allah in the universe. The text itself refers to as ‘’guidance for the world’’ and ‘’a clear sign for those who can understand’’. It provides instructions how to live your life, and it also acts as a source of ethical guidance.

Islam emphasized on the importance of learning Quran for all Muslims, men and women. The prophet once said, ‘’the most superior among you (Muslims) are those who learn Quran and teach it’’.

How online Quran classes are conducted?

Today new technology has made it very easy for all the Muslims living anywhere in the world to learn Quran through online academy. Online Quran learning academies offer very simple criteria of registration for the students. Online Quran academies have very simple mechanism of action.

Sign up

The first step to go for online Quran classes is to fill up registration form on an online Quran learning portal. All the details are sent to the administrator of the academy for communications and for other matters regarding online Quran classes. You will be contacted immediately either through email or call by one of the representatives.

Skype ID

Student or parent skype id is needed. Skype is one of the best sources of audio and screen sharing, helping the students in taking their online Quran classes. If the skype is not available or does not work in that country, then the students can use other apps such as zoom, messenger and WhatsApp etc.

3 Trial classes

After scheduling the classes, the academy will offer three free trial classes of 30 minutes each according to your demand that in which courses you are interested (tajweed course, Quran translation and Quran memorization in Urdu or English). In During the class. the tutor will share his/her computer screen that helps the students in taking their online Quran classes. In trial classes the teacher will introduce his/herself with the students. The academy give you trial classes to show you how online Quran classes are conducted. Trial classes will help the students to get the best tutor they want.

Regular classes

Once you have decided to take online classes, the administrator will guide you that how many classes you want to take in a week, you can take 3, 4 or 5 classes per week.

When choosing online Quran classes for the kids the parents and teachers should make sure that the kids are mature enough to take their online classes and learn lessons on daily bases because all the students are not the same in learning. Some have the ability to learn quickly in online environment while some are slow learners. So the parents and tutor are responsible to observe the learning capability of the children.

How much time the students take to finish Quran Online?

This question is asked by most students when starting online Quran classes. They want to know the exact time it will take for them to finish the Quran online. Unfortunately, there is no exact time frame as a few variants determine this.

Different students have different learning capacities and needs. If a student is a quick learner, he/she will finish in less time compared to the one who is a slow learner. The number of classes per week also prolongs or shortens this time frame. Then the student’s age also matters. A kid might take longer than an adult.

Payment and refund

Onlie Quran classes are very affordable compared to face to face classes. Online Quran academies offer an easy payment and affordable system. One can pay for the time when he/she studies and the fee structure. They can also get a full or partial refund in case of missed classes. The payment is done through PayPal or credit card.
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