Clean up the Campaign Settings

There are currently five very similar Ebberon settings:
Ebberon Dungeons & Dragons 4E 9
Eberron Dungeons & Dragons 4th 6
Eberron d20 4th 0
Eberron D&D 4e 2
Eberron D&D 4th 0

and I am not sure which to choose...I think that the authority record should be:
Eberron Dungeons & Dragons 4E

which does not exist...The correct spelling is "Eberron" right? can we remove the settings that are spelled incorrectly?

"Dungeons and Dragons" is more correct then "D&D" or "DND", right? Can I clean that up?

And finally, the name of the edition is "4E", right? Or is that just an abbreviation because the th is hard to make small, superscript, and underlined in ASCII? should the edition actually be just 4 not 4E (which is redundant) or 4th?

I am not sure how to go about organizing this...Thanks, David S.
We are completely aware of the issue of duplicate settings. This is why we've recently locked down the creation of campaign settings. We tried to compile a reasonable list of settings to choose from with the intent to migrate existing campaigns over to them. Its been fairly low priority for us and we obviously haven't gotten around to it.
Also, we misspelled Eberron. Our bad. We'll correct that. In fact, the ones that are spelled incorrectly are the "official" settings. I'll fix this right away!
Awesome! you guys are all over this...Thanks, David S.
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