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Posted by the GM
Pete's Greyhawk Campaign
Season 1/Episode 1: Trendar Whisperbreath. Goblin Ambush. The Village of Phandalin.
Verbobonc - Common Year 571, 10th of Planting

The characters were hired in the city of Verbobonc by a dwarf named Gundren Rockseeker - and old friend - to bring a wagon-full of provisions to the rough-and-tumble mining town of Phandalin. Gundren and his companion - an grizzled human soldier named Sildar - went ahead of the party on horseback to attend to some other business.

On the Safeton Road - Common Year 571, 13th of Planting

Several days into the journey to Phandalin, they met a stunningly handsome man named Trendar Whisperbreath - a musician by trade whose unique bagpipes appeared to look like a human body. After brief introductions, Trendar and the team parted ways - but Trendar did warn the party about goblins who waylaid caravans along the very road they were traveling on.

The team soon came upon a pair of recently deceased horses in the road and determined that these were the same horses their dwarven patron Gundren and his companion Sildar were riding when they parted ways several days earlier in Verbobonc. Black-feathered arrows were sticking out of each of the carcasses. The saddlebags were empty and a nearby leather map case was also empty. Suddenly, the party was ambushed by goblins...

A short battle ensued - flocks of arrows were launched by the goblins and all were struck. The party rallied with both sword and magic, killing three goblins while a fourth ran to the north along a trail. A quick search of the bodies turned up 6 gold pieces.

After a brief rest, the party continued onto Phandalin, and arrived by nightfall.

In Phandalin, the group delivered the supplies to Elmar Barthen, owner of Barthen's Provisions, and collected 10 gold each. Elmar relays the story of "Phandelver's Pact" to the team and of his friend Gundren's excited talk about finding the lost mine in the nearby hills. Barthen also mentioned that two of Gundren's brothers, Nundro and Tharden, are camped somewhere outside of town - Barthen hasn't seen them for over a week and they are expected to return back "any day now".

Elmar also tells the team that there is a band of ruffians called the Redbrands who are shaking down local businesses and flouting the townmaster's authority. He tells them that the Redbrands frequent the Sleeping Giant tap house.

The team departed from Elmar, but before leaving, they inquired about any potential adventurers-for-hire that he may know of. Elmar recommends seeking out a newly-arrived bard who is performing at the Stonehill Inn down the street.

As the team approached the Stonehill Inn at the center of town, they saw four mounted men with red cloaks in the distance down the street - they must be the Redbrands! The ruffians watch the party closely, but do not interrupt their entry into the inn.

The musician at the inn that night was familiar - it was the handsome Trendar Whisperbreath who they had met earlier that day. After some negotiation (and some magic the sorceress Ca'leessi to ensure he was indeed a friend), the bard agreed to join the party for a quarter of the share of any treasure found - and also agreed that the first order of business should be to find out what happened to Gundren. Trendar noted that the goblins that attacked the party (and likely were involved with the disappearance of Gundren and Sildar) were certainly members of the local Cragmaw tribe - they have been harassing caravans recently.

The party drank a flagon of ale to seal the pact - and took rooms for the night.

Phandalin - Common Year 571, 14th of Planting

After a dousing thunderstorm rose the party at dawn, the team broke their fast then left for the site where they were ambushed by the goblins along the Safeton Road. Before leaving town, they did see a handful of the Redbrands again in the distance: the ruffians did not follow the party out of town, but did keep a close eye on them as they left town.

They arrived at the pair of dead horses around mid-afternoon. They struck out along the forest trail to the north which they saw the lone goblin take as he ran away. After only a short distance, Balbo found a carefully hidden tripwire that would have caused a snare trap to be triggered.

The episode ends as the team walked around the trap carefully...and continued down the trail.

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Episode I
Der winzige Droide hatte die Nachricht des Fallen abgespielt. Netl war verwirrt und nicht sicher, ob die versprochene Ausbruchshilfe auch ihr galt und nicht nur den drei Menschen. Als dann der Lieutenant sie alle vier mitnahm war sie noch skeptisch. Als sie dann sah, dass man ihre Sachen, allen voran ihre Gleve auf den Grav-Schlitten lud, keimte Hoffnung in ihr und die spielte schweigend mit. Nachdem sie losgefahren waren, öffnete der Imperiale ihnen sogar die Handschellen.

Fast wären sie ohne Zwischenfall durch gekommen, doch auf einem entgegenkommenden Schlitten erkannte sie einer der Sturmtruppler: „Hey! Ist das nicht das Haustier des Mayor, das wir zu ihm bringen sollen?“ Eine Verfolgungsjagt entbrannte, zunächst sah es nicht gut aus, als der Schlitten der Flüchtigen ausgeschaltet wurde und ohne seinen Repulsor wie ein Brett fiel und dann unkontrolliert dahinschlitterte bis er an der Wand des Korridors zum Stehen kam. Sie waren fast alle vom Schlitten geschleudert worden. Doch sich im Vorteil wähnend stellten sich die wenigen Sturmtruppler den Flüchtenden zum direkten Kampf. Das war ihr Fehler. Schneller als sie sich versahen, lagen die fünf Krieger in weißer Rüstung danieder.

Ihr Retter machte sich eine der Rüstungen zu Nutze und verkleidete sich mit ihr um die Wachen im Hangar in den von den vier Entflohenen gelegten Hinterhalt zu locken. Nachdem das knappe Dutzend Soldaten des Hangars ebenfalls überwunden waren trug Netl ihre ‚Beute‘ in das Shuttle mit dem sie von dem Gefängnis-Planetoiden starteten. Knapp entkamen sie den verfolgenden Tie-Jägern und starteten in den Hyperraum durch.
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Posted in The White Curse
The first steps up
And so we travelled for a week, but what was strange is that nobody seemed to talk to one another : why? Strange
We'd better know a bit each other, anyone you meet is a potential friend.
But in today's world cursed by this vicious Witch King, people are very suspicious and barely talk to strangers.

I felt shaken during my sleep, then again but stronger to finally being thrown away from my improvised couch to the floor.
But no one did that, our mean of transportation litterally was like shaking and turning on himself!
When i opened my eyes after standing up when it all seemed to stop, i shouted "what is going on in here?!?"
Around me, three persons had the same kind of expression on their faces : surprise mixed with fear.
The other travellers were surprisingly not here! Are we being ambushed or what?
We all instinctivly headed out to seek more info on that.
And what we saw completely threw a dark veil upon our eyes.
Our fellow other traveller companions were all on the soil, apparently dead.
The rocksnail was dead, judging by the amount of so-called "snail blood" on the floor.
A catastrophe : on a road covered with snow, surrounded on both sides by high mountains, we were lost in the middle of nowhere and remained speechless.

That last for several minutes until we - the survivors - gathered and started discussing about what to do.
We introduced ourselves quickly : there was this old wizard i have noticed before and i didn't quite get his name, a warrior, Abob, and a ranger, Akilno.
I first thought i was a bit hungry, and suggested grilling some rocksnail flesh, i've heard it was eat-able.
But they didn't agree, as some wolves' howls were heard from afar, we had to quickly move if we wanted to live.
but who knows, maybe those wolves we held by a potential friend? We'll never know.

And that's how we (well in fact they) chose to go up towards the top of the north-eastern white mountain that faced us.
And we walked, we walked, for hours, between huge trees... constantly hearing those unexpected wolves being not so far away from us.
Seems like they're following us!
Keeping walking further, we arrived in some sort of plateau devoid of trees with much less declination, and so could at least breathe normally after that long walk.
But the wolves were still not that far away!
I had an idea : why not try scaring them with a huge noise, like a grumpy bear growling damn a lot, and this is why i sought for a special item, which sound i could magically amplify, that i really thought i had taken in my backpack.
But no, wasn't there, too bad would have been quieter after that.

Walking further, we discovered a small river, frozen of course, and an other plateau straight ahead covered with huge trees as well.
And near the river, there unveiled some kind of path, and the other ones decided to follow it.
Well, fair enough, let's do that.

And again, we walked, and the path took progressively a higher declivity, to arrive to a place that seemed like a small mountain, with the path going right and left, laces style.
At the end of this little trek was a really big tree standing, but i mean, really huge, but lonely.
The party being curious about it, and me having in mind taking a nap in the snowless shade of that tree, we carried on walking on that path.

When suddenly, as i was glaring at that tree, two small white things popped out of its thick fur, and shot two arrows at two of my companions.
As they were a few meters in front of me, i didn't see if they were wounded or not, but we all ducked and noticed that these two white shapes disappeared.
"Time for a plan" said the ranger.
"I agree, i replied, and actually i have a good idea".
Yes indeed i ad one. I've remembered this trick called "Beam it" that i've already used to scare birds off our roof, projecting an image of a snaring wolf in front of those.
So i explained to them what i was thinking about : scaring the two white things, and by distracting them that way, the others could ambush them.
"Great idea! said the warrior, i'm all for it! Let's fight!"

So here we go, i started concentrating, thinking about this wolf i used to scare the birds on my roof, thought about that tree, the space in front of it...
"Beam it!" whispered i, opening my eyes, targeting that place in front of the tree, and the wolf appeared, all of a sudden.
I then heard my companions start running to the top, while two arrows had been shot in the direction of the false wolf.
And of course, after casting such things, i need to relax a little bit, so i quickly sat down, trying to hide myself while the apparition was vanishing.

After a minute, came back to reality, and looked around : well they're all gone.
I glazed at the top : nothing either, and no white shape showing up from that tree.
So i went up, not fast, carefully staring at the tree just in case, but nothing happened.
When on top, i understood where me companions went : the bottom of the trunk of that tree was the intrance into some kind of underground village, and i guess they went into there.
Fine! But what's that behind? Looks like behind that tree, a massive meteor has fallen a created some kind of big hole.
I decided to come closed, as it seemed the border of that zone was only a few meters away. And yeah, what a view : a big hole plenty of nothing!
Nothing! Except just below myself i saw what seemed to have been built by those creatures (i guess there are many other ones too) : a bridge, linking two parts apparently of that village.
Crafted people. If i had i rope, i could have come down there and get into one of the two available entrances from that bridge.
But i didn't. So i went back, and stepped into the tree.

Inside it, i could choose between going up a ladder (where probably the two archers were) or down the carved stairs.
I went down, alone, a bit afraid though because i couldn' hear any noise. I then heard some whisperings, gently moved forward, slightly entering a rocky room, and saw my fellow companions discussing.
"So here you are!" did i say happily, "how did it go with the two fluffy white archers."
And they explained to me the situation, as these two creatures trapped themselves up, and they were moving inside the cave, going further down other stairs.

Then we came to another rocky room, but Akilno saw briefly that there were four creatures on the left side of it. After a brief discussion, we decided to attack them by surprise.
This worked in the end, as all of them perished, but i have been sadly wounded, but not severely.
After this melee fight, looking around that room was like looking on a vast sculpture, as the portrayal of a massive demon was on the wall.
Abob, the fighter, told us that the mouth of that demon was in fact a tunnel leading to another room, large enough for us to crawl in there.
By hey! really you want to do this? This gives them a damn chance to cut ours heads as we will be heading out of it!
So i told them about what i saw outside, and one of the guys had a rope.

So now the question is : shall we all stay and die together, having our heads cut apart, or could we maybe come out and try descend on that bridge that i saw?
Session: Game Session 1 - Sunday, Jun 28 2015 from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
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Posted by the GM
Skull & Shackles
Background & Introduction
The Free Captains of the Shackles have long been a thorn in the sides of the nations of the Inner Sea, and no country has chafed under their predations as much as Cheliax. Unfortunately, removing the threat of the pirates by invasion is made almost impossible by the howling winds and treacherous currents of the Eye of Abendego, the permanent hurricane that rages just north of the Shackles. Since the defeat of two Chelish fleets in 4643 and 4660 ar, respectively, the House of Thrune has longed for revenge and the chance to eliminate the pirate confederacy once and for all.

This chance finally presented itself when the Chelish navy recently captured Barnabas Harrigan, a Free Captain of the Shackles who had long plagued Chelish merchant shipping in the Inner Sea and Arcadian Ocean. Facing execution for his crimes and the scuttling of his ship Wormwood, Harrigan offered Cheliax a deal—if they gave him immunity from his past crimes, he would lead a Chelish fleet to the Shackles to put an end to the threat of the pirate confederacy once and for all. And once he had handed the Shackles over to Cheliax, perhaps Harrigan could get himself appointed governor of the new Chelish colony there.

But such plans take time, and Harrigan needed to solidify his own position in the hierarchy of the Free Captains before he could seize power following the Chelish invasion, all the while ensuring that no word got out of his treachery. Fortunately, with the exception of a few close confidantes of the captain, the Wormwood’s crew was decimated in the battle with the Chelish navy, but Harrigan needed to replenish his crew with fresh bodies.

He returned to Port Peril, the rough-and-tumble capital of the Shackles, to press-gang new hands for his ship—including you, who now find themselves members of his crew of scoundrels and cutthroats. With a hold full of impressed sailors, the Wormwood left Port Peril and headed for the open sea, where Harrigan will put his plans into motion. You need to quickly adapt to life on a pirate ship, or suffer the harsh consequences of pirate justice.
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Season 1, Episode 1 - Blood and Shadows
It was the second week of school at Collinsport High, and the school year had kicked off to a good start. Blaze Devlin had arrived early at Collinwood to pick up his best friend, Chloe Collins, for school. On the drive in they waved to their friend, Ben Thorson, and nearly collided with Robert East, who was carrying a heaping plate of baked goods to school. He had tried dodging traffic to introduce himself to the new girl in school - Astrid Raynor. Little known to them all, Astrid had a secret.

She was the Slayer. Well, one of the "chosen few," at any rate. It was her first day at the new school. Her father, Lee Raynor, had gotten hired as Collins Industries' new Public Relations Manager. This chance meeting soon found the five of them bonding over home-baked chocolatey goodness. Making their way into school, past the watchful eye of Vice-Principal John Boothe, the group headed for class and then the library to get books for Astrid - and Blaze, who had lost his already. The new librarian, Seamus Murphey, was there waiting. And he had a book for Astrid titled "VAMPYR" for he, as it turns out, was her new Watcher. Although the Watchers' Council had been destroyed, he and the few survivors dedicated themselves to finding, training, and guiding the few Slayers who decided against working with their fellow Chosen Ones under the guidance of one Buffy Summers. He had taken what he thought was the novel move of taking up a position as her school's librarian. It was a position he was soon sure to dread thanks to the library's overall dearth of books and reliance on <shudder> computers. They even ran into Jason Stoddard in the library, trying to get an interview with the new librarian. Chloe's cousin seemed nice enough to Astrid. Her sister on the other hand...well, a little run-in with Laura Collins in the hall had the new girl ready to fight. But the day had gotten better after that. Which meant of course things were about to go horribly wrong.

Welcome to Collinsport High. Hope you surive the semester!

Early on, they met the new substitue teacher, Mr. Jennings. He had a brief run-in of his own with Boothe, but with the help of Angela Darcy he found the chemistry class where he was subbing. The young humanities teacher seemed quite taken with him, which made Jennings a bit uneasy. He did have his younger sister, Maryanne, to think about after all. And his last relationship had ended...badly. He did all right, considering the regular teacher had left sketchy notes at best, though Adrian Lennox had presented a special challenge. Jennings decided to do some impromptu lab work with the kids, only to be surpised at what fell out of the supply closet: two dead bodies.

Ben, Blaze, and of course Astrid were unmoved by the sight. They had seen worse in their time. For Collinsport was no ordinary town, and the two young men had run up against the forces of darkness a time or two. But the rest of the students panicked, and poor Chloe shut down - literally - for a short time. Robert and Ben got a look at the bodies as Blaze hustled everyone out of the room. Bitten, the both of them. Ian Summers and Cadence Jamison had, they learned listening in on conversations in the cafeteria, had been seen leaving the local all-ages club named the Soundbox the night before and hadn't been seen since. Although she had recently broken up with her jealous boyfriend, Mickey Brennan, the gang pretty much ruled him out. Chloe came out of her stupor long enough to hack into the school's security cameras and send out her personal drone to check the school. had moved fast enough to barely be caught on camera and had hauled the bodies up on the roof and down through a duct into the chemistry class to hide the bodies. Jennings had noticed a peculiar, pungent odor on both, and there were signs of chemical burns.

The police had been called, and after a few interviews, everyone was sent home for the afternoon. The group checked in with Seamus, and Chloe and Blaze made their way back to Collinwood. Ritchie Collins was there, and he gave Blaze a good-natured hard time about joining the football team. David Collins stopped in to see how Chloe was after a tough day at school, having heard about the dead bodies. He wanted to make sure that the news didn't spread too far. Collinsport, and the Collins family, didn't need any bad press.

After taking care of after school business, independently, the gang went to the Soundbox later that night. Astrid, Blaze, Ben, and Robert were doing their best to look for vampires while Chloe waited out in Blaze's van. She wasn't good with crowds, poor thing. Jennings had gone to the club as well, and was quietly sniffing around for vamps. Astrid ran into a tall, dark, and mysterious young man who she almost mistook for a vampire at first. He apologized and asked if she knew any of the Collins family. She replied she was new in town herself, and he stated he hoped he'd see her around again. Never did catch his name, though...

The Soundbox was pretty decent for a mid-size city like Collinsport. They had a wicked blooming onion, too.

The four young people (and their substitue teacher) home in on a trio of what appeared to be college kids. They were talking to a couple of sophomores aobut going to meet thei friend and grab some beer, and after Ben managed to shoo a couple of them off, Astrid, Ben, Blaze, and Robert took them up on their offer. "Our friends' car is nearby," the lead vamp said as he led them across the street - and straight into Collinsport Gardens Memorial Cemetery. They got the kids to a mausoleum, and then sprung their trap. Or so they thought.

Ben and Blaze were ready for the vamps, and as Chloe crept up on the mausoleum, Robert managed to keep it together long enough to make with some magic. None of them were prepared for what Astrid could do. She swiftly dispatched one vampire as Ben and Blaze held their own with the other two. The Slayer moved in and quickly took out the one on Ben. They were suddenly joined by another party. Mr. Jennings had followed them and revealed his secret, at least to Chloe, who spotted him on her way to the mausoleum. He transformed under the light of the moon into a bestial, half-human form. He was a werewolf. Werewolf-Jennings ripped the mausoleum door off its hinges, charged in, and ripped the last vamp apart.

As the others stood warily watching the beast, a trio of vamps entered from the now-open front door. The leader was a powerfully built vamp with dark hair, and he snarled, "Foolish children and a beast! Make them suffer!" The fight was on, and the Slayer found him to be nearly a match for her, shrugging off blows and even a stake to the chest, as his bulk and size made it hard for Astrid to find his heart with a sure thrust. Blaze wrestled with one as Ben and Werewolf-Jennings finished off the other. Blaze broke his vamp's neck, as the leader retreated. "You will not stop the Rite of the Blood Moon!" He threatened as he left. "You will all pay for this defiance!"

Robert knew a thing or two about the Rite of the Blood Moon. It had something to do with the sacrifice of innocents - not children, yet not adults - on high, under a lunar eclipse. And it was bad in a Big Way. Astrid sighed. It was her first day at her new school, and already she was having to consult her new Watcher and stop an imminent mystical catastrophe.

But such was the life of a Slayer...
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