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Weird Dream
I had a weird dream where I was lost in a forest at night approaching a fork in the road. Looking at the left road reminded me of home and the right road reminded me of my friends. I headed down the right-hand road and woke up feeling refreshed. I don't know if it's of any significance or not. I'm not good at dream interpretation. At least I got a good night's rest!

That morning, I accompanied Daksh to "look at a body" at the barracks. It was a great start to my day. Afterwards, Daksh, Bastet, Kit and I ate lunch and discussed the murder case. Daksh noticed there was a person close by dropping eaves on our conversation so we left shortly after that.

Bastet, Kit and I go see The Rat and Dimara to discuss them both dropping out of the competition. After some lengthy conversation, they both agreed, separately, to drop out. We'll have to wait and see if this works.
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Trail Mix and Session 12 Notes
Finn's Trail Mix

Dried apples

Cut dried apples. Mix everything together. Add whatever else you want in the trail mix.

Session 12 Notes
With an idea of where Ras'af was, we set off through the woods. We found a hedgehog person who showed us where to go and some forest babies. We fought some of Ras'af's captors and won, but the red cloaked figure is probably even more dangerous than them. Ras'af is still in danger, and we need to hurry. Burly is controlled and Scotti is out of control.
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Breakfast Burritos and Session 11 Notes
Breakfast Burritos

1/2 onion
1/4 pepper
4 tbsp black beans
4 eggs
2 tortillas
4 tbsp grated cheese

Dice the onions and peppers. Warm the tortillas. Heat oil in a pan and add onions. A few minutes later, add the peppers. In a few minutes, add the beans, mix, then add the eggs. Cook like you would cook scrambled eggs. Add the grated cheese and mix, then fill the tortillas.

Session 11 Notes
The goblins went on their separate ways, and we had an argument with some clockwork workers led by someone from Pax and Co. We didn't exactly come to an agreement. We came to the goblin lair, but most of the goblins had been killed and we couldn't find Ras'af. The surviving goblins told of a red cloaked figure that destroyed the clan. Tagrimm found a medallion of some sort and had a vision of Ras'af and his captors, so at least we know Ras'af is alive. Now we need to get him back. Burly reminisces and Tagrimm is mad.
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We rest for the night and heal the con damage the party received the day before. There are two normal doors and then a black square on the floor that emits strong transmutation magic. We open the door across the hall. It is a huge banquet hall that is reparing itself. There are mechanical figures slumped against the wall. They appear to be servants not fighters. Luddite tries the horacalcum in this room. As Luddite brighten the light – we see a scene of a young to older Xin eating at this dinner table. Zubin sees two instances where Xin waivers and collapses. This hints of two poisonings during his life.
Several of the party members walk around the room. Force walls go up! A flash goes off and I am confused. I attack the nearest creature that hurt me. Then I am in a force cage. I am still confuse so I hurt myself a few times. I was told after the combat that there were three creatures that attacked the party. Cinderland and Luddite were both confused, but were cured during combat. When I had a moment of clarity, I healed myself with the heal in the totem. Now I am not confused! We examine the bodies, they are light creatures.
Noname casted a spell and we have resist energy electricity 20. Cinderland checks and then opens the last door. There are strange glyphs on the wall. There is a 6 foot tall six winged faceless women. She has well preserved cloak draped on her. NoName says it is an image of Lissala. Cinderland discovers a symbol of death under the robe. And the robe wants you to put it on. Cinderland disabled the trap. There are 12 golden idols around the statue. Cinderland tries to collects all the 12 idols (worth 1,000gp each).

The glyphs on the walls attack Cinderland and I. We take no damage thanks to Noname’s resist energy electricity. Next round

People are picking up the robe and praising the statue in the past showing.

6 Idols
1 Phylactery

12 idols

Elissa Notes:
Totem is now empty.
4 points are strength (minus -2 to hit) - Cured
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Whisper in the wind

Solera wrapped her arms around Valindra a little tighter. Not because she was afraid she would fly off the flying stag, but because it felt so good to hold her.

She decided tonight was the night she would share her feelings. After they took out these bug bears, she would tell her. She could not go on pretending everything was the same.

There was a couple of time, with her arms wrapped around her, that she almost said it. But she knew she would not hear it over the wind passing by as the flew. Plus, she felt it would lead to a longer talk. If Valindra did not feel the same way, she would need to assure her that it would not impact their friendship. If she did, they would need to talk about how it would impact their relationship.

Solera leans her head against Valindra’s back and whispers, “I love you” into the wind.
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