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Against the Giants - Steading of the Hill Giant Chieftain
The heroes of Phandalin had seen much trouble and strife in the last two years, much of it centered around the small mining town in the northern foothills of the Sword Mountains. They had re-opened the lost Phandelver Mine, opened up trade routes east to Longsaddle and dealt with the mysterious Vanishing Tower of the Harpells and the orcish tribes being driven from Kryptgarden by the shadowy evils lurking beneath the dwarven citadel of Southkrypt Garden. They had learned about the new Warlord of Luskan's plans to unite the North under her rule, and her interest in the ancient Spellforge at the heart of the Phandelver Mine. Seeking to re-ignite the forge's magic powers, the heroes had even journeyed to the mysterious White Plume Mountain, a nearly dormant volcano just east of the Evermoors, and recovered the ancient weapons Wave, Whelm, and Blackrazor. The year after, they had learned of bands of marauding lizardfolk, bandits, and mercenaries uniting under a long-forgotten banner in the Mere of Dead Men. Seeking to clear the High Road between Waterdeep and Neverwinter, they managed to find and dispatch their leader, the vampiric lizard king Sakatha, in his tomb.

They gave Blackrazor to Krush. Things were gonna die ugly...

In short, they had earned a reputation as heroes. Their share in the profits of the Phandelver Mine were no small source of motivation, to be certain, but much good had been done. As a long summer rolled back into autumn, word began to reach them of further attacks on the High Road, the Long Road, and the Trade Way, strangling overland trade between Neverwinter and Waterdeep to the west, Triboar, Longsaddle, Red Larch, and Yartar to the east, and Daggerford, Secomber, and all points south. Roving bands of orcs and ogres led by hill giants coming from the foothills of the Sword Mountains west of Amphail had waylaid caravans, sacked small holds, and burned villages throughout the area. Someone had to put a stop to it and open up trade again. The heroes of Phandelver decided it would be them.

They journeyed up into the hills, following the trails left by the hill giants and their ogre and orc servants. It wasn't a hard trail to follow. They found a massive wooden fortress in a hidden mountain valley. This was the steading of the hill giant chief, Nosnra, and it was up to them to put a stop to his marauding giants. After finding a small, hidden cave at the back of a nearby cleft in the hills and setting a base camp, the heroes made their way into the giants' fort.

It was like a hill fort, only super-sized.

Their first foray into the steading proved to be significant. The heroes managed to slip in over the wall and take out the giants and ogres on the watch tower while the brutes were besotted with strong drink. Making their way inside, they found the giant chieftain's great hall. He was holding a feast, with most of his warriors, ogre guards, stone and cloud giant emissaries, and even his pet cave bear all in attendance. It was a battle almost too big to be believed. Soren and Ella unleashed mighty battle-magics and Rurik Battlehammer, wielder of Whelm, put the hammer's powers to good use. Hornbeast, Krush, and Orosius Chainreaver, half-orc pirate and wielder of the trident Wave engaged the giants in combat, while sneaky little Ambrie and the gnome ranger Sindri put their bows to use. It was a slaughter, and the heroes slew more than a score of giants.

"Hey! Who invited the little guys to dinner?"

Withdrawing to recover, their second expedition took them deeper into the fort, and they found more giants to kill. Even the young giants were nearly the size of ogres, and were just as fierce. After dispatching them and the chieftain's wife (apparently a nature priest of no small skill), the kitchen staff (including giantesses hurling barrels of flour, oil, and sticky honey), and the giants' hound keeper (a giant-sized werewolf) and his kennel of dire wolves, the heroes made their way into the dungeons beneath. They slew a giant headsman, the giants' orc and bugbear servants, some allied stone giant miners, and even the chief's greatest weapon - an iron dragon! Claiming the chief's treasure, the heroes made their way from the steading. Though they had been victorious, it turned out their work was far from done. They had found a map that showed giant settlements spread out around the North, all in key positions to cut off trade, isolate the cities and towns of the North, and leave them open to attack. Someone had stirred the giants up. The only place that could possibly benefit was Luskan. The High Captains and the Host Tower of the Arcane had sworn alliance to this new, barbarian warlord, Sigryn Stormborn. Had the giants of the North done so as well?
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Tuesday- February 9, 2016 Starter session
The City of Crossings...
Your starting area, your home town.
A bit of a backwater province of the troubled Empire.
At the center of the northern reach, crossings spreads across a ring of hills overlooking the lake known as the Dark Waters. Six pale spires rise above the city, obscured by the perpetual smoke spewing from the stacks of the industrial districts. Miles of farmland spread to the east wall the hills known as "The Barrows" form a natural border to the south, crawling around to the "Black Hills" where the cities wrestle ore from Dwarven dug mines deep within the dark earth.
The present city is the latest in a long line of communities that of stood on the shores of the Dark Waters. Previous settlements can be seen in the cities architectures, from looming fairy spires to the arches left by the first people, to the castles raised by the Edene when they rule the lands. The cities cobbled streets, ancient cemeteries and statues of people and defense long forgotten have all poorly withstood the passing of years.
The crossings of today group from exiles, bandits, and refugees fleeing the empires tyranny and squatting in the ruin of a town empty by the plague. Though the new settlement was a lawless and dangerous place, the influx of settlers in the march of the Crusaders to establish their citadels tempered the communities excesses and helped it's people establish a ruling law that has made the last century a stable one. Isolation and wealth have given crossings a great deal of autonomy, and the city acknowledges the rule of the provincial capital of Sixton in name only.

City founded by free people's, Crossings has no interest in balance scraping before an aristocracy. Instead the city elects a mayor to check charge for a term of a few years with the position lasting until the people decide to put someone else in office. A counsel advises the mayor, featuring members who represent the cities districts industries of other interests. All councilmembers are appointed by their predecessors but the council can expand or contract it's numbers based on a vote of its members.

The Council and The Crossings
Katrina Edgerton- Human Female, Mayor for 3 years

Elder Fobb- Halflings Male, council member rep

Father Paulus- Human Male,acolyte of The NEW GOD

Commander Rena- Human Female, Martial Council Member

Ezekiel- Human Female, council member (youngest of them)

Master Dreen- Human Male, merchant representative on the Council

Ambrose Quick- Human Male, Merchant/ Brothel owner

Jon Crawley- Human Male- Commands the Brown Cloaks

Gundren the IronMonger- Dwarven Male- Miner Baron, industry rep

Inquisitor Randolfus- Human Male- Grand Inquisitor

The Brown Cloaks- Town Guard known for their simple brown cloaks and iron clasps.

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Background ideas
So Robin mentioned that our Rogue Trader house is in decline, and it looks like most of us are Stubjacks, so I have the following ideas for my character's (and the house's) background (somewhat based on my career path). I have limited exposure to the 40k-verse, so any suggestions or embellishments are appreciated.

  • My character (the Rogue Trader) is Lorick... the eldest son of his house (and 'last hope', apparently).
  • In the time of Lorick's great-grandfather, the house was still strong and prosperous... though perhaps over-extended. Trouble struck in the next generation, as it often does, with a rift between brothers.
  • The favored son - a fearsome leader - returned from an extended campaign weary and low on resources - only to be ambushed and slain by his brother. The traitor took command of the house's forces, and whispers of what heresies he used to succeed in his coup were quickly silenced.
  • He had only a single son - whom he doted on. That man, Lorick's father, grew up as quite the fop. He became decadent, corrupt, and remiss in his duties. After many years of such rule, the house has declined in power and wealth (and, to a lesser extent, prestige). Many of their more distant holdings have broken contact.
  • Lorick himself never got along with his father, and grew up on his elderly great-grandfather's ship. He rarely visited his homeworld, but was nurtured with stories of glory and adventure and became driven to exceed his father & redeem his house.
  • To keep him out from underfoot, he was eventually given command over his own ship, and sent out on a series of increasingly dangerous missions... culminating in a harrowing visit to a world which turned out to have a serious Greenskin problem.
  • That might have been the end of him, if not for the timely discovery of a cache of Archeotech (a Teleportarium and various weaponry). The details are a closely held secret from all but his officer staff (ie: the party).
  • Needless to say, there is still no love lost between Lorick and his father, and he will have to be dealt with in due time... lest he try to claim credit for his progeny's successes, and drag the house down further.
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Posted by the GM
Hello all!

Today we discussed some things to help streamline the campaign and clear up confusion.

At Levels 1, 5, 10, 15, 20 MAX HP

Ability increases at 4,8,12,16,20 are +1 to 2 different scores.

Group passive skill checks. Skills such as Perception and Survival will be used to speed up encounters. Solo checks will still be given if things are missed or used for specific actions.

Considering using this for Knowledge (for general information)and perhaps Stealth, as always this is open for discussion if it doesn't work out.

Newer characters introduced mid book and such will be a level lower.

Attack of Opportunities ARE provoked when moving from 1 threatened square to another. Not from entering the attack range but moving from one to another as well as leaving.

Almost done with Book 1!!!
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Star Wars
Chapter One
The year is 2000 BBY. The galaxy has enjoyed 1000 years of social and economic stability. The Jedi Order has long since built it's Temple on Coruscant, and re-established itself as a pillar of the Republic. Hyperspace scouts continue to push the boundaries of known space, and new star systems join the Republic frequently.

But peace has lulled the Republic and it's Jedi guardians into a complacent slumber.
When forces for good sleep, nightmares rule the shadows...
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