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The Recursive Multiverse
The Haunting Introduction
After your defeat of the monster of the many mouths, you were requested to go to Estate headquarters for on boarding. On the way to North Dakota a flash brief comes in that some children have gone missing in New England. The circumstances and patterns surrounding their disappearance is very unusual, unusual enough for the Estate to be enlisted to investigate.

The aircraft has already been diverted and is en-route. This mission is top secret and is not to be shared with the public in any way. Avoid any and all press coverage.

At the airport you are met by a Gibbs, your driver, who arrived by different means earlier. He drives up with a tinted 9 seated government looking black van. The weather is typical fall weather in the North East, dreary, cold with a slight breeze. It is around 1100 AM and the last known location of the children is a popular hangout park in central Derry, Maine, near the high school.

Once the team arrives at Derry, they can choose where to go so long as eventually they end up at "the house."

Derry has a problem. News and rumor abound concerning the disappearance of six children over the last several weeks. Some say they were troubled kids, part of a children's gang and were subject to the retribution of a rival gang. Some believe they eaten by local woodland predators. Others say they simply ran away. But, the majority of the townsfolk believe they were kidnapped and taken to “The House”.

Police: believe that all of the children are troubled runaways, as each family in their own way has been struggling with family relationships. They, of course, do not buy into any superstitious rumors about "the house". They searched the abandoned house but did not find the secret door to the basement, where the children, ages 10-12 are sedated and chained. Police believe the townsfolk to be under educated and superstitious, attributing the sounds to wild animals on the moors. They have staked the park out and have had no disappearances since.


-Sticky black residue on the side of a tree. Unknown origin, but biological in appearance and texture. a bit like oily snot. (Level 3)

-An ear ring belonging to one of the victims in the sand near a storm water drain at the corner of Kansas and Costello Circle. (Level 4)

-Some children's shoes matching the description of one of the kids (Green Nike Air Force) South on Witchum St (Level 3)

Interviews: of the towns people will reveal a mix of "I don't want no trouble" to " They was runaways anyway and those families always had trouble!", but most will point to the creepy house south of the city limits on the witchum Moors. Strange lights, screams and noises they say that they can hear across the moors in the dead of night.
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Jaya's Fam/Friends
This is late to be sticking this up here, but I realized that I want to write journal posts without shoehorning in who everyone is, so here's the "acquaintances" section of Chris's character questions.

Older brother (Shaktar)- in prison as of about a year before this campaign begins; had similar martial arts training to Jaya. Entrepreneur more than scholar; getting into printing more than scribing was his idea.

Younger sister (Saida)- lover of stories and the idea of adventure. She writes a serial story that they publish in their press and saves her cut of the money to travel to the continents someday.

Father (Graffeo Maris)- Self-made man, obtained the city license for document authorization as a young man against his father’s wishes. Knows ins and outs of the city’s legal documentation better than anyone else in the district.

Mother (Ada)- In charge of selling/curating their collection and commissions for illuminations as an art; she carries over the contacts that Grandfather left behind, but those are starting to fail (they are dying off, and art is in less demand)

Uncle (Yajian Maris)- Grandfather’s favorite because he invested his time and energy in the family’s art. Handles any manuscripts that are commissioned or that require repair.

Aunt (Kendel)- Half-elf. Supplier of materials, both for Yajian’s craft and their new printing business. It’s been a learning curve, but she is constantly bringing in new papers or inks from the docks.

Apprentices/workers - Rhysh Thornburrow is apprenticed to Yajian. Third son of a halfling nobleman with enough money to keep him comfortable for life while he pursues a dying art form. Betriz Seaforge (dwarf) is apprenticed to Graffeo; she has been since she was very young, but her family and theirs are close. Her eyes are sharper than his for detail now, particularly as he is getting older. Caz Theodric (human) joined them just before Shaktar was taken away; he was hired because he has experience with modern printing presses.

Teacher (Hao Zhenya)- Headmaster at the martial arts school where my character got her monk fighting skillz. Has become a mentor/friend, being particularly supportive after brother’s imprisonment. Offered my character a part-time job as an instructor.
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Darth Paul
Posted by the GM
Curse of Strahd
Chapter 23: The Crypts of Castle Ravenloft
The heroes had returned to Barovia village following Kyne's betrayal in the dungeons beneath Castle Ravenloft. Ismark Kolyanovich had put them up for the night, and when dawn came, they decided on a course of action. The Sunsword had been lost to them, and with no other clues to go on, Evan came up with the suggestion that they visit Madam Eva and have their fortunes told once more. Lacking any other clear course, the rest of the group agreed. Shortly after breaking their fast the heroes made their way along the road out of town towards the Vistani encampment at Tser Pool. The Vistani had not moved on, and though they were initially wary, they remembered the heroes and greeted them cautiously but warmly. After an exchange of gifts, they were led to Madam Eva's tent.

"Welcome again," the old woman said as they entered. "You have come to have your fortunes told, yes? I will give you three answers. One for the question you came to ask, one for the question you did not come to ask, and one for the question you did not know to ask." Although confused, the heroes paid the price of one gold coin and Evan stepped forward to draw the cards. The gnome wizard drew the 6 of Glyphs - the Anarchist. "The treasure you seek is in a hall of bones on a table of bones." He next drew the Seer. "Your foe awaits you in a place of warmth, wisdom, and despair." Finally, Evan drew the Broken One. "A man of faith, whose sanity hangs by a thread. He will be your greatest There is another with him you need. One eye, one hand." With that, she told them that the best repayment would be to give Strahd peace and lay him to rest at long last. The heroes thanked her and left, pondering her reading.

The heroes had questions, and Madam Eva had answers...

They came to the conclusion that the "hall of bones" could only be an ossuary, likely found beneath a cathedral or castle. As they had found nothing of the sort in the Amber Temple or the Abbey of St. Markovia, they realized it had to be beneath Castle Ravenloft. Second, they determined a place of warmth would have a hearth, and wisdom indicated books, and finally that place would also have to be in the castle. Thus, they would likely find Strahd in his study. Finally, the broken man of faith could only be Father Donavich, whose son Doru had become a vampire. They visited him at the church of the Morninglord in Barovia, and he agreed to accompany them to the castle when they were ready to confront Strahd. "Not for revenge. But for justice." And more importantly, there was one there with him, a man with dusky skin and pale hair. He wore a patch over one eye, and one hand was gloved with an archer's gauntlet. He was Zahar, an archer with a knack for magic, and a hunter of werewolves. Both Caxius and Shokk had met him what seemed like months ago when they set out from Daggerford to investigate werewolves in the Misty Forest. He'd been lost in the woods for days he'd said, only to find With the duo vouching for him (and with him having nowhere else to go) Zahar decided fighting a vampire lord and finding a way out of this land sounded like productive uses of his time.

With that, the heroes made their way back up the road to the castle of Strahd von Zarovich. They ran into a group of hunters along the way, shortly after finding wolf tracks and a hidden bundle of clothes in the mud near the gallows at the Tser crossroads. This same group had suggested campsites to them in the past, and with a short detour, Volta determined it would be an excellent place to be ambushed. Werewolves, they surmised. Well, time to deal with them later.

The black coach was waiting for them as they reached the western Gates of Ravenloft. The mute driver gestured as the coach's doors opened. Without word, the heroes climbed in or clambered on the runners, and took the ride up to the castle. The coach clattered across the drawbridge and onto the cobbled courtyard. The doors of the castle stood open, the light of torches spilling out. The heroes made their way inside, past the entry hall, and to the spiral stair that down to the flooded dungeon far below. They made their through the torture chamber, up onto the balcony, and to the room with the strange, stone brazier.

The black coach awaited them. Strahd knew they were coming, and was seemingly unconcerned.

There were seven slots around it, and a verse detailing seven locales around the land. Seven stones, each a different color, rested in small depressions around the edge of the brazier. The large hourglass above was filled with black sand that did not run down to the bottom. Using his arcane talents, Evan identified the brazier as a teleportation device. One of the colored stones could be cast into the white flame burning without heat in its center. The flame would change color, the sand run down, and a teleportation circle open. After a minute, the circle would close and the stone roll back up to its starting position. They determined some of the likely locales - the Amber Temple, the Abbey of St. Markovia, the castle's highest tower - but declined to try any at the moment.

They turned their attention to the stairs leading up from this room, and took the middle path. It led to a fog-shrouded, narrow corridor with a pit trap that Shokk barely avoided falling down thanks to Volta's reflexes and strong grip. The polished marble shaft led down at an angle, likely back to the flooded dungeon Evan thought. Zahar made his way forward, carefully blocking the pit's lid closed with a spike after it reset. Edging down the narrow passage, the heroes found it ended in a blank stone door with no handle or hinge. Volta pushed it open, and discovered that they had exited into the crypts beneath the castle. Once again, fog crept up to their shins and they could feel the squish of filth beneath their boots. Thousands of bats clung to the ceiling overhead.

Without any other prospects, the heroes began to search the crypts. They passed a few by, opening the likely prospects. They found the crypt of Saint Markovia herself, where bones animated into a giant skeleton with long, bony claws and a handful of skeleton warriors. These foes were quickly smashed, and the only thing remaining was a decorated thighbone on the marble slab. A spirit, that of the blessed saint herself, appeared and bid them use her body as a weapon. The thighbone was magic, enchanted to strike like a mace that would disrupt the undead with its holy power. Verity took the weapon, and the bard had a determined look on her face.

Another crypt opened into a shaft that dropped 40 feet into a vault filled with coffins. The group descended, finding that the dozen plus coffins were occupied - by wights! But Verity's quick thinking led her to dazzle the wights with a hypnotic pattern of lights, giving Evan time enough to surround them with a wall of fire. The wights that weren't consumed by flame were cut down in swift order, their life-stealing touch no match for enchanted steel and silver arrows.

They went on, finding some minor treasures in one crypt, and a harness of wood, leather, and metal in another that appeared to be some sort of flying machine - along with a musket pistol, smoke powder, and plenty of silver bullets! Volta took the contraption, while Evan took the gun. They found another crypt, that of King Triosky, and a swarm of skeletal body parts flew out and attacked! Two skeletal warriors with four arms rose, as did the skeleton on the bier. It had a three-faced helm with three skulls beneath! This dreaded skull lord and his undead minions fought hard, and Volta nearly fell as several of the heroes were wounded badly. But Caxius used his magic wand to change one of the skeletal warriors into a bunny rabbit and absconded with the tiny beast! With these foes defeated, they found the skull lord's plate armor was enchanted to provide resistance to the cold touch of necrotic magic.

The Skull Lord, King Triosky, was not amused at being roused.

They made their way back to a small side chamber, blocked by a portcullis. Shokk was able to raise the gate, and they found a larger tomb with a coffin on a large, marble slab. Three statues stood in niches along the far wall - two angels flanking a young warrior in shining mail. This was the tomb of Strahd's brother, Sergei von Zarovich. His body was perfectly preserved in his coffin, and his shining half-plate looked new. Cira could tell it was theirs to take, that Sergei was at peace with Ireena's (or Tatyana's, as it were) passage beyond the misty borders of this dark land. This was a place of peace. The heroes chose to rest here for a short time, then press on to find the ossuary and take the Sunsword back...
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Journey of Amir Ren
Chapter 1: What makes Amir Tick?

Born and raised in Torch, the son of a blacksmith; (like so many others)
I've always been inquisitive of the mechanisms found among Numeria. While dad always wanted me to follow in his footsteps and become a master smith, I had my own vision for the future which he still approved of. What is my vision? Nothing less than to learn to bring new life to these broken pieces of history scattered about the region! I cannot even imagine what some of these... what must have been monstrously large metal constructions littering the landscape used to be. Some pieces of metal scrap I've found couldn't even be drug back to the junkyard by a mule! I have to solve the mysteries of their source.

As still functioning bits of what folks call 'technology' keep surfacing in the area, some of which with applications that are still a mystery, it makes me feel like anything is possible. What if all these technology-ish rope things I find inside some of the larger mechanisms were actually veins for some massive creature and these were its arms? yikes what a weird creature that would be.

Imagine the strength of golems made from this material rather than simply smelting it into weapons? Terrifying and intriguing thought, no? Well, a few weeks back, many miles away from Torch while out scouting for new mechanisms, searching through scattered parts, I met a man that must have had the same idea... only he must have begun turning himself into one of these golems I figured. His leg was made of this stuff! I just had to know how this worked! He was skeptical at first, why because I could be a Technic League spy that would turn him in or kill him for having this kind of technology, but when I shared with him a few pieces of interesting scrap he opened up to me. He told me of how he was attacked by something unknown while he was exploring some nearby technology ruins, he couldn't even describe it, but it had ripped off his leg and left him to die. He continued that he had lost consciousness and when he awoke he had been moved into a hidden metal room in these ruins and something had replaced his missing leg with this metal one but no evidence of his savior or his attacker remained. "It is so amazing" he continued as he described the new leg "It is even better than the real thing! I feel like my own leg is slowing me down! This metal leg makes me feel faster and stronger than ever!" He allowed me to inspect the leg and the craftsmanship was incredible!

Now, I know just want I want to make! I want to learn to create metal body parts that work even better than the originals! The thought crosses my mind to replace my own arms/legs with these metal ones, but the pain involved still scares me. Maybe I can attach them to my own limbs and gain even more benefit?

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Clockwork City
Session 1 Recap:

Korvic two toes (half-elf swashbuckler)
Brock (human barbarian) and
Marc Mercel (human frost druid) are tasked to discover what is wrong in an orphanage outside of Arcadia City by a mysterious young woman.

They arrive and find that things are much worse than they imagined for the orphans and staff housed in the old Merrywine Monastery.

Headmistress Matilda Gorouk and her assistants are trying desperately to survive a situation that it getting more and more precarious by the day.

Our adventurers face possessed dolls, young women being driven absolutely insane, and a wing that is haunted by perhaps more than clockwork.

Where we leave off, Korvic has had to attack Brock, as he has lost his mind and gone berserk due to his cursed axe. After narrowly escaping death, Marc regards the whole situation with suspicion, and wants to leave the collapsing monastery immediately. Brock is bound and confused. Crying children are streaming out of the ruined building, because of the commotion, and one young gnome assistant (Uretreia) lies dead, while the other (Fanny) is unconscious and injured in the headmistress's own private room. Our heroes decide to rest for the remainder of the night, before regrouping on the morrow.
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