South of Mancera: The Everwatch Incident, Part Six
”But,” asks Elennalura, “What happened to you? Why not leave the town behind if it is so terrible?”

Alex sighs, pensively. "My father is dead now; I have no other family left but Rulf. Rulf is my cousin - my mother's sister's son - and he risks his life and his inn every time I show up in his cellar. He's been very brave. I hate these men - Farnell, the Protectors...Arrow especially. They took me, you see. They think I'm dead. I should be, after what they did...they arranged my father's death, I'm sure of it. His heart was never stronger...and he wasn't taking any medicines either. But he was found dead of a heart attack, and a bottle of heart medicine beside him that I had never seen. No one would believe me when I said it had to have been murder. The house...I know Arrow set the fire. I was bound and gagged when he did it, for that was the night the so-called Protectors decided to take me into custody." Her eyes are like fiery coals of hate.

"I swore on my father's grave I would kill that man with my own hands."

Her fingers touch the edge of her scar. "And this reminds me of that oath. Not to mention," Her mouth quirks in a painful, bitter not-smile, "it keeps Arrow from ever recognizing me or wanting to touch me again."

She sighs deeply. "You should rest," she says. "I don't know what business you have here, strangers, but you should get it done and over with as fast as you can. The longer you stay here, the more of you will get eaten up in this place..."
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