J. Tiberius Starkiller

"Of course you want to kill me, I'm a Starkiller!"
User: Mike
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
I can't help it, women are drawn to me. I suppose it's because I'm tall (6'2"), fit (195 lbs.), and handsome (very high charisma). It could be my self confidence and reckless nature (average wisdom). Women love bad boys, right? Maybe they can sense my deep and unswerving loyalty to my friends. Others are pleasantly surprised by my quick wit and insight (very high intelligence). Whatever it is that draws them in, I like it.
I always wanted to be a pilot. It was that dream that made me enlist in the Imperial Navy. Fast ships, dangerous missions, and women in uniform; what more could a guy want. What I did not want was the Sith. I didn't learn how things really worked until after I graduated and got my first commission. I could not bring myself to kill innocent civilians just because they defied some imperial decree. I made my bombing run, I just didn't drop the ordinance. I crashed the ship, detonated the payload and have lived as a free man ever since.