"The pursuit of knowledge before all else "
User: Jonathan
Campaign: Duran Keep
Race: Eladrin
Gender: Male
Role: Controller
Class/Level: Wizard/11
A tall eladrin with near white hair. He prefers to garb himself in natural colors. Browns and greens.
Martouk (Mar-Took) is a traveling wizard. Driven by wanderlust and a thirst for knowledge, he left his wife and sons many years ago. He is in no hurry to return to his family, but remains faithful to his wife. He knows that she may set out to find her own adventure, and that when they are both satisfied, they will return to the woods and live out their days together. His sons have surely begun their own quests by now. He hopes to meet them on the road and perhaps aid them in their own quests for knowledge or adventure. In that same manner, he hopes to encounter his own brother, father, grandfather or other ancestors who set about adventuring decades ago...

In recent years travel has become difficult and dangerous. Martouk has decided to start traveling with other adventures who can help him achieve more arcane knowledge and treasure. It should prove interesting anyhow.
  • Str:10
  • Con:12
  • Dex:16
  • Int:19
  • Wis:14
  • Cha:11
  • Acrobatics:4
  • Arcana:13
  • Atheletics:2
  • Bluff:2
  • Diplomacy:2
  • Dungeoneering:4
  • Endurance:3
  • Heal:4
  • History:13
  • Insight:9
  • Intimidate:2
  • Nature:9
  • Perception:6
  • Religion:11
  • Stealth:4
  • Streetwise:2
  • Thievery:4
  • Expanded Spellbook
  • Alertness
  • Improved Initiative
  • Scorching Burst (1aw)
  • Cloud of Daggers (1aw)
  • Chill Strike (1e)
  • Freezing Cloud(1d)
  • Flaming Sphere(1d)
  • Sleep(1d)
  • Shield(2e-u)
  • Featherfall(2d-u)
  • Fire Shroud(3e)