Tacita Alar

User: Ryakoth
Campaign: Pax
Gender: Female
Role: Other
Class/Level: Criminal/0
Tacita is a slightly stocky woman with jet black hair and expensive clothes that are not well kept at all.
Tacita never wanted for money or family, but she did want for excitement. She was far too perceptive and smart for other children, and so she spied on adults, she learned things about them, and when the temptation became great enough, she took from them as well. It came to the point when the only real excitement in her life came from crime. Though her self control in all other things was impeccable, and though she never got caught, the possibility of getting caught held her boredom at bay all through university. In university she had excellent grades in the sciences, she could have had a great career ahead of her, but the call of crime has put her on vacation from her academic career, she requires excitement, and she will find it.
Tacita is well known in the undergrounds of several places as a woman who can get things, and often will for minimal actual reward if the job sounds fun to her. When no fun jobs are present she often barhops between towns waiting to meet interesting people, which she has the luxury of due to money taken from her parents.