The Journal of Bregg Felldawn

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Unburied Memories
Bregg carried the last of the wounded into the temple, made a crude attempt at treating a burn wound before he was asked to leave by a priest. The others are busy performing various tasks.

Bregg looks down towards the water at the massive dwarf warship. He realizes that his eyes are full of tears. Not from the smoke, not from the wounded here on the battlefield... not even from the horrors in the monastery.

It was the awakened memories that he had long ago tried to drown in ale. During their... possession? Ra'aviik acting out the role of the Mapmaker, horribly mutilating himself. Rogan and Bregg became the two Nyverian soldiers taunting him, goading him.

Except Bregg WAS a Nyverian soldier. Is again... now. While Ra'aviik and Rogan would never do such horrible things, that they were compelled to. Bregg? The man he was? Raised as an obedient Nyverian lad to despise the Serpent children and their dead gods... That could very well have been him there, reveling in the torment of a lowly elf.

Bregg shudders; thinks about how he almost killed Tyvian and K'ain. Even though he has known Tyvian longer and trusts him with his life, the image of nearly crushing K'ain's skull is what really sickens him. Because it is familiar. During the war he had killed many Cong Manii with that exact swing.

"Gods! I need a drink..." he muttered.
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Gathering Strength
Last night was the first time in weeks we slept in clean, warm beds. But upon waking I was stricken by a nightmare. Lord of the sword and hammer, father Aethelgrimm, telling me that to be one if his followers I need to kill Rogan.

How could he ask me to do such a thing? Rogan may have been a liar and a thief in the past, but he is a true warrior of Aethelgrimm! He taught me how to properly pray to the god of war. I tell Tyvian and K'ain about my vision.

This must be a lie. A darkness inflicted upon me by the demon poison. And if it is not, if this is the true voice of Aethelgrimm; then I will turn to Bregor or Surin to worship rather than kill a friend.

Later that morning, any fears I have of Rogan's dark character are instantly removed. Since our last stop in Amendar, Dauengard has been busy. The warehouse of the Hooded Hawk has been converted into a barracks and a sanctuary. Rogan plans to build an order of warriors here; dedicated to fighting against the coming darkness. Rogan himself plans to join the Holy Order of Aethelgrimm as a warrior priest and asks us to help him escort his mother to Dunbachmoor where she will become an Alewife in the order of Bregor.

Rogan has already enlisted Wolfram Barg, former captain of the Bladewatch and his old weapon master, Gormand Orr, a Dunbach swordsman to join our cause. I knew Rogan was a good man. The vision was a lie. He-whose-name-we-do-not-speak wants him dead because he fears him. Perhaps you are marshaling your forces, Arsafaal, but so are we!

K'ain meets another Cóng Manii man in the Hawk's tavern. Gaar'tu'rahveek is his name. He is here pursuing a ship with black sails, like the one we encountered near the Tears of Lagii. Apparently this ship, under the command of an outcast dwarf called Barron Catharax has been abducting Cóng Manii women along the coast, using them to breed goblins for his army. Worse, he operates out of the island of Tarsus allied with a Tarsin commander named Shaktaas. Our numbers may be growing, but the extent of our enemy's forces is becoming more visible every moment.

Rogan and I visit Jordann Thynwis, to let him know that he has a half-sister. He wants nothing to do with her, since their common parent is a demon whore that murdered his father; maybe that will change. He only seems excited about becoming a squire and training as a warrior-knight with us. I hope that having some purpose in his life will send him on a path away from his mothers evil and towards the light of the good gods.

We spend the rest of the day taking care of various duties. The sanctuary seal is broken and Tyvian summons the four infants to be placed under the protection of the Bregor priests. Captain Barg will help to guard them at the temple and begin training Jordann. We send out letters to warn the far corners of the Wyrld. About the rise of Arsafaal; about the black ship and the goblin army. We send word to Bregor City, to the Pontifex, to the Court of Cong Manaar, to the Dunbach capital.

You may be marshaling your forces, Arsafaal, but so are we.
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A Grey Tree in a Black Field
We departed Baru Kai keep and met with a band of Shar Sariin warriors. Corvis was with them, or Makakahar, or whatever his birthname is. They seemed anxious to help us, and offered to take in the four infants we were traveling with. We recoiled at that offer, suddenly suspicious of their motives. So we took our leave in the night, setting out with horses and food that they provided us with.
The next morning, Rogan spotted someone following us. A lone rider, face covered. We quickened our pace slightly, to the next water hole. Tyvian and K'laan took the infants ahead so that they could be placed under Tyvian's sanctuary spell. K'ain, Rogan, and I stood atop a dune waiting for our tail to arrive.
It was Corvis, or Maakaa'aar. He wanted to make sure that we were safe; offered to sit with us and share water. I told him we could drink here on the dune. I was stalling until Tyvian completed his spell. I was still suspicious of his motives. But of course this was not Corvis--m'kaar--at all. A snake demon! I wondered if Corvis was still alive as the cobra-thing slithered like a dart through the sand. Fortunately K'laan was in it's path, and began striking at the creatures flesh. The demon slashed back at him, but was intent on reaching Tyvian and the children. It made a bite at Tyvian but missed as K'ain's arrows appeared in its back. I finally caught up to the demon and gave it several hard blows with the Eye of the Bear. It lunged at me, a series of claws and bites. A bite slipped through my defenses and pierced my forearm. Poison! ..Bregor's balllllss.....
I wake with the sun in my eyes; milk in my mouth and dribbling down my tunic. The last of the enchanted milk of Surin. My wounds are mostly healed. Even those from the crypt guardians and the golem we faced, but I am still weak from that accursed demon poison. K'laan and K'ain heft me into my saddle and I ride in silence, fading in and out of focus.
At some point we hear voices, a ruckus of sorts. K'laan, K'ain, and Rogan ride ahead while Tyvian stays near me, my horse still moving at a cautious pace. I hear Rogan challenging someone. Something about a trial, birthright, and torture. Just as Tyvian and I crest the top of the hill, I hear someone chanting something about Tarsins and King Markus of Nyveria. I see a huge, wooly man covered with blood and excrement, hanging upside down from a cross. My companions are attacking. This feels wrong. I should be at the front of the battle. Every sword thrust against me is one that is not against one of my friends. I shift the Eye into a longbow and loose two shots at the priest reading a scroll near the prisoner. If it's magic, I know enough not to let him finish reading it. One of the shots takes him in the leg and he falls into a heap. Fortunately, the two soldiers with this group do not put up much of a fight.
I approach the priest and ask him what he meant invoking the name of the hated King Markus, "do your people swear fealty to him?!" He denied such a thing, saying only that Tarsins were allied with King Markus and thus this prisoner must die. I think my thoughts were still muddled from the demon poison. The giant man hanging from the cross was not a Tarsin... was he? I suddenly wonder if we did the right thing here, but they are already cutting loose that... thing. By Bregor, that creature is half-human, half Tarsin. I cut the shaft from the priest's leg and bind his wound so that he can limp back to his home along with his noble friend.
The creature barely speaks in words. S'zaath he calls himself. He seems unable or unwilling to answer some simple questions about where he comes from or where he's going. Rogan on the other hand will not stop talking. He seems to like the man-beast. We bind the wounds on his feet and he mounts the spare horse. He is accompanying us for now, but K'ain is watching him carefully.
The next day we arrive at the small fishing village. They are bewildered to see us, seeing as how we somehow managed to cross the Font without a boat. And we have a seven foot shaggy man with us. But eventually we are greeted and fed. I love this village, the people here. We spend a peaceful night.
Morning we are shocked by the beating of drums. The beat carries across the water's surface. Out of the morning mist a war ship with black sails is passing the village. Black Sails, like the Nyverian fleet under King Markus during the war. Fifty-some soldiers are on that ship. If they moor here, this village dies. We scramble for cover. Archers on deck fire some shots at the village, and skewer the fisherman from a capsized boat. Then they sail right on past, heading north and west. Possibly towards the prison valley where Arsophal was trapped. This village was no threat, they simply butchered them and went on their way. Why? For sport? Or to kill any witnesses?
We recover two bodies from the river so that they can perform their funeral rites. We gather our horses and extra provisions. The sails and the fletchings were decorated with a grey tree on a field of black. We have not seen it before, but it is clear this is the insignia of our enemy. Arsophal has an army already somehow.
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Down the Mountain's Gullet
The so called "mouth of god" was the most terrifying thing I had faced. High in the mountains where the air is thin and cold, a narrow bridge covered with frost, into a twisted face in the side of the mountain behind a waterfall. A single misstep on the ice and any of us could easily fall to our deaths. We tentatively set across this icy "tongue." I slipped once, managed to catch myself. Overcorrected and slipped again, this time flinging my warhammer, the Eye of the Bear from my grasp. Luckily it caught itself on the edge of the bridge. Cursing under my breath, I dropped onto my belly and slid my way to the edge. Not even halfway across the bridge and I manage to loose an ancient Nyverian artifact entrusted to me by the Bladewatch captain. I grasp the weapon, will it to turn into a military pick, and use it to drag myself back towards the center of the bridge. Rogan is still leading the way, I'm stumbling along behind. Soon we are crawling on the ice through the freezing water, chanting an ancient dwarven climbing song of Aethelgrimm.

Rogan takes the skin of potent alcohol we got from those fishermen and throws it into his eyes. It burns like fire, but it burns the ice away from his eyes. He puts it into my grasp, and I throw it into my eyes as well. Fighting for every step through the waterfall, we eventually make our way through. Together we pull the rest of our group into the maw. We crack the ice off of our mail, light some torches for light and warmth. Once our trembling stops, we set out into the cavern.

The chamber is massive. Massive stalagmites and slactites faintly glow from some kind of crystals within. Stairs head down into a large chamber. There is a massive iron door with a silver lock covered in magical runes. Tyvian says that the runes will be triggered if we attempt to open the lock. No problem, we'll just bypass the lock completely. I began hammering my way through one of the hinges on the left side. After a few minutes, I realize that this will take another half hour or so to break down, but we don't have that.

The two robed figures that we spotted on the ridge. They confront us here in the darkness. "Arsophal Internuum," they say "Leave." Tyvian stares at them with the sight of Surin. These creatures are guardians, they are not evil. Rogan steps forward to give the creature a stern word and is blasted by a bolt of magical lightning. He drops immediately. K'ain looses an arrow into the things abdomen, and it barely flinches. I step forward in front of Rogan and it blasts me with lightning, my right leg is useless, but I manage to stay standing.

"Stop!" I yell. "This is a prison, correct? We are not here to free a prisoner, we are here looking for a hidden temple of Arwic. We will leave, we just wish to explore the rest of this cavern. Is that okay?"

"Yes." it says and withdraws. Tyvian heals Rogan and myself. We begin to argue on whether we should destroy these guardians. There was another hallway, for all we know, what we are looking for is in that direction. If we don't find a temple full of Arwic's whores there, then we can always come back and fight these guardians later. The other hallway went about twenty feet and ended in a dead end.

Bregor's balls!

We generate a quick strategy. Rogan will take that incredibly strong alcohol and fill two flasks with it. K'ain will take a torch and make some flaming arrows and attack from up on that ledge. Perhaps fire will affect them better than arrowheads. K'laan will try to separate them from us with a wall of wind. I will draw them back to us as bait. I love this plan, I am excited to be a part of it.

Back at the iron gate, we bring back the guardians with our presence. I parlay. Rogan hits one with his makeshift firebomb. K'laan throws up his windwall, which seems to hold them back. K'ain rains down arrows on them. I run around the windwall towards one of them. Tyvian blasts them with chromomantic blasts. I hear Rogan scream as one of them crushes his wrist. I reach the one with the lightning blasts and hit it with two hammer strikes to the head which drops it like an anvil. The other comes at me and lands a crushing blow to my abdomen which I feel in my spine just before I collapse.

Tyvian is healing me again. He's exhausted, his healing is losing potency, my guts still feel like paste. Rogan is conscious but his hand is at a wrong angle. There is a silver key on a chain around one of the guardians necks. We take it and enter the prison/dungeon.

We explore. There is an underground temple here, with a dais and the symbol of Arwic hoisted on chains. There are hallways leading to other rooms. We find a library, with black robes and evil books made from human skins. Rogan and I break open a glass shelf and help ourselves to a magic shield and dagger on display there. Then we burn the books. We find a massive statue that has been thoroughly defaced. K'laan finds that it's arm moves, and pulling it causes the entire statue to shift aside. There is a well full of some kind of oil.

In another hallway I keep hearing a nursery rhyme being repeated over and over again. There are children here! Children that they plan to sacrifice in one of their sick rituals. We hurry down the hall into a bedroom. But here, I hear more voices. My mother, my father. He is warning us to leave, but I can't move. He is warning that it is too late for us, we are doomed! K'laan is rummaging through a shelf with an ornate breastplate and some vases, when I hiss, "We have to leave!" Rogan tries to calm me down, but I stammer, "It's my father! He tried to warn us not to come it, but it's too late, we are doomed in here!" Rogan grabs me and I manage to find my legs and escape from the room.

Another long hallway, this one with another large statue in it. But this time, as K'laan approaches it, the statue begins moving. It is a stone giant or some magical construct. It slams its fists at K'laan and we attack. We rain all manner of blows upon the golem, literally smashing it to pieces. We are all battered and bloody by the time the thing finally crumbles to pieces. We spend a few minutes, binding our wounds and I help pry Rogan's helmet off of his face.

I bash down the adjoining door. A man in black robes is weaving a portal of some kind. Three soldiers in gold armor block our way to him. Tyvian blasts the necromancer with chromomancy, but he recoils and flees through the shimmering gateway. We charge, and these three henchmen fall quickly before our onslaught. The doorway is shrinking and with a very short council, we leap through it.

We are in a stone cavern. Before us are the four whores. Lady Thynwis, Thessina, Burrel Cohaavian, and the girl from Dembrie. Each of them stands behind a crude crib with an infant in it. The necromancer retreats down a carved passage and in his place emerges Nathrasus, the Tarsen that we slew in Sulaka.

...bregor's balls...

The ensuing melee is confusing and explosive. I charge the Thynwis woman, the subject of my first ballad, and lay into her with my warhammer. My third blow catches her square in the head and drops her lifeless to the ground. I should feel some remorse for killing a woman, but I do not. In my periphery I see K'ain and his baby dragon attack the Tarsen. I see K'laan raining a whirlwind of martial strikes on the mother of his child. I see Tyvian open up the sky with a holy blazing light that strikes at Thessina straight from the heart of Surin. A moment later, the Tarsen attacks with his massive spiked club. It hits me in the face and everything goes black.

I wake when Tyvian heals me. My face feels twisted. We heal, we regroup. We realize we are in the underbelly of Baru Kai Keep, the first destination in our journey. And we come out of the keep into the light of day, carrying four infants intended to be sacrificed to the dark lord, Arwic.
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Demons in Amendar
We return to Amendar, utilizing side streets to remain inconspicuous. We reach the Citadel of the Blade Watch, where the front doors have been breached and a commotion is going on inside. We leave our horses with Dauengard and K'laan, then Rogan, K'ain, Tyvian and myself enter through a side entrance, ignoring guards that tell us to be on our way. We ignore our way all the way to a central hall, where six guards are posted outside Captain Barg's office. Inside is yelling and crashing of wood. We roust a guard for information. He says that a man and woman came to visit the captain, then after they left he went insane.

We force the doors open. Captain Barg has destroyed every piece of furniture in the place. He rants, he is confused. He is coherent enough to tell us that he failed in his duty, that the relic has been taken by Lady Thynwis and Brother Dansk. He draws his dagger and is about to fall on it, when Rogan and I rush him. I render him unconscious with a blow to the head, and for a horrible instant, I think I've killed him.

The Blade Watch begins scrambling once again, as the bells to the Temple of Bregor begin sounding. Rogan stays with his friend, while the three of us rush to the Temple. We discover that Brother Dansk is dead, hanging by the neck. A pouch of dirt is on his body, and within it we find another Demon Seed, like the one we found in Kafan.

We go to the home of Lord and Lady Thynwis. We pound on the door and the boy we rescued, Jordann, is there. He says that his father is very sick, that his mother did something to him. His father reeks of decay. I take the boy into the hallway to comfort him while Tyvian and K'ain see to the body. This poor child has been through so much. I remind K'ain and Tyvian about the Demon Seed on Brother Dansk's body, and sure enough, they find another one.

We return to the temple of Bregor. I assure the boy that he will be safe here, and that we will return to see him soon. One of the priests tells us that he saw Lady Thynwis leaving Brother Dansk's chamber earlier today. What shocked him was her words, "Haven't you ever seen a whore leave in the morning?"

We regroup with the others at the Blade Watch Citadel. Captain Barg is more coherent and thankfully not permanently damaged. We ask him about a list, a list that Dauengard mentioned to Tyvian. He manages to find what we seek, in the remnants of his desk. A letter of warning about conspirators; allies of the Brothers of Pain. Four names are listed. The first name is Mascoran Alucot, the father of Dauengard and Thessina. Second, Magistrate Libancor of Amendar, the father of Lady Thynwis. The third are unfamiliar to us, but Captain Barg identifies them. Bors Cohaavian, a wealthy cattle merchant, is survived by three children. One crippled daughter named Lucenda, one beautiful daughter whose husband died named Burell, and a son who now runs the business, Taris who takes care of his sisters as well.

The last name Kahigon Gardinal, apparently lost his mind and moved north to live a simple life. I wonder if he has a daughter living in the village of Kafar, where we fought that snake demon last night. I had assumed that evil followed us into that peaceful village, but maybe the evil was already there; it struck out at us because it was convenient? Or perhaps Kahigon is responsible for that cult of bestial flesh-eaters that we encountered on our way north to Sulaka?

We return to the Hooded Hawk. In the living quarters, lamps are lit. I tell Rogan to call out to his mother, and Dauengard's voice beckons to us. Even though this is what I expected, and I had planned to just crush her skull the moment we saw her, but upon entering I hesitated. What if this was the real Dauengard? What if the one we rescued was the real demon? I thought of the warning from the Yagunal. I froze. Rogan didn't, "You are not my mother!" The snake-demon-thing shed the face of Dauengard, and we charged. I squeezed my way to the far side of the hall, so that Rogan and K'ain could also engage it. I wasn't there when we fought the first one of these things, I could not believe its fortitude. I landed a couple of good blows with my hammer, Tyvian wrapped Rogan in a spell of... blurriness. K'ain sliced at it with her blade. I took a couple of deep slashes from its claws, but fortunately none of us were struck by its poison bite. Finally, Rogan slipped past its guard and took the demon's head off with a stroke of his short sword. A fine strike, worthy of a son of Aethelgrim.

We gathered some of Dauengard's clothing and in a... "nest" on the bed, I found another Demon Seed. These things we delivered to the temple of Bregor, before setting out for the Cohaavian estate.

We pounded on the door. A male voice told us to go away, between sobs. I forced the door open, knocking a man to the ground. He was pathetic-looking, his face and shirt soaked with blood. His mind was obviously gone, but we managed to get out of him that he is Taris Cohaavian. We asked of Burell, and he sobbed that she left because he was unable to satisfy her; she left to find another man. When we asked of Lucenda, he answered that he ate her.

We found the body of his crippled sister in the bedroom, rent open and partially devoured. Tyvian says that Taris needs to be imprisoned. K'ain says "no." That one word speaks volumes. Even if we could somehow restore his mind, he would be forced to live with this horror of a memory. None of us object as K'ain ends him. When I first saw K'ain fight in the Singe, I thought that he was a cold-blooded murderer, but this... this is mercy. I still think it was wrong, the prisoner that he killed... that seems like so long ago. I feel like I'm back in the war again.

I find another Demon Seed in a tea pot. We agree, that we will tell the Blade Watch that we found both the Cohaavian's dead when we arrived. We return to the Temple of Bregor, unsure of what our next step will be. When we get there, one of the priests tells us what they have uncovered in their research on the demon seeds, and also tells us a legend of the Whores of Arwic.
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