"Each day is a gift and every mistake a lesson."
User: Kym
Race: Cóng Manii
Gender: Female
Role: Other
Class: Rogue / Enchanter / Scout
Ga'ia is a young Cóng Manii woman of average size and height. What you really notice first is her very pale skin, long platinum hair and light grey eyes.

She's wearing leather armor, boots, a thick silver cuff braclet on her right wrist and two necklaces. One necklace is a tribal looking poppet pouch. The other necklace is an amulet. Ga'ia has on a backpack with bedroll and in general looks well stocked and ready for adventure.

She left the Great Oak Forest, her homeland, at a fairly early age due to a rough childhood. Her mother was an untouchable type in the community after having Ga'ia out of union. Her character was further tainted due to her rogue methods of learning enchantment lore (she wasn't exactly of the correct faith for that sort of thing). The children in the community teased Ga'ia relentlessly, about her mother, and lack of a father, and this caused Ga'ia to adopt a quiet, keep out of sight type of demeanor. It also caused her to develop an embarrassing stutter when she's under stress. Although she was didn't want to leave her mother, her mother would not allow that and encouraged Ga'ia to get away and make a better life for herself.

She left with her pack loaded with supplies and headed south, for the first time in her life she left the continent and travelled to the Isle of the Burnt Paw. It was there she spent some time and refined some of the enchantments her Mother had shared with her.

Moral Code:
Very Kind
Very focused
Somewhat Selfish
Somewhat Deceitful
Very Brave

Stutters when under stress

Photos credit: Rhiannon! Thanks to you :)