Gore Skullspliter

"Blood is GOOD!"
User: Lucas
Campaign: Fall of Cromundas
Race: Half-orc (Conisdered orc in terms of blood)
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Fighter/Lvl 4
The Dymon Quest Of The Orcs

By: Visarysis Dyk

I am writing this quickly as I don't have much time and events are moving so fast. For good or for bad these events must be chronicaled...

I am Visarysis Dyk and I was oringoinally from the town of Barenhaul althougth I now consider myself a throwvas orcantum as do all other orcs. Barenhaul is a town that is located just below the the Mountian Region in the middle of the contenet. The town is apporpatly named as the only jobs in that town is mining iron ore and everything else that relates to that business... Nothing grows that close to the mountian, where the town is located, so all food is imported. There are also no farms in or near the town. When I was a boy I wanted to get out and explore the world instead of working in the mines. Because of that, at age 20, I decided to go over the mountains to the East to seek my fortune. Thinking back now it was probally my orc blood calling me to seek my fellow orc clan... I am a half-orc but I was raised along side humans in Barenhaul. My mother is human while my father was from an orc clan far to the west. I wast deep into the harsh terrian of the mountains when I met up with the orc clan where everything now in this account will happen... Eventually I gianed the clan's trust and the trust of their leader a 11 foot 7 orc called Horn Harvager. It was reasonably difficult to do so but being a half-orc helped speend the proces along and prevented me from being killed the moment they saw me. (I don't recommend any elfs of drawfs trying to do what I did as you will be ripped apart before you get a word in. This is because orcs hate both races with a passion.) During my time among them Ilearned there history and there way of life and found that I enjoyed it. The focus on strength and the basic logic on the way to live seemed to be exactly what i was searching for. Thus I decieded to stay with the orc clan and go thought the right of passage to become what the orc call a "throwvas orcantum" (a true orc brother). With this right of passage, I got the cerimoneal check slash with my axe. Once I finished this right of passage I was included in everything in the clan and went on countless raids and pilloging thoughout the many towns that dotted around and on the mountian side. Eventually I made friends with my fellow orc warriors. One of the friends I had made was with a half-orc called Gore Skullspliter.