User: Mike
Campaign: Verbobonc Dark
Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Ranger/1 (Runner)
The History of

His father was Hamster, and his mother smelled of Elderberry…
No really… His father was a rather “Amorous” Wood elf, and his human mother used Natural Herbs to keep herself smelling fresh, and favored Elderberry for its medicinal qualities.

When Cyrus was born he never met his father, and was raised Almost Exclusively by his mother. Because he was a “Half-breed” he was never really accepted by the townsfolk in his mother’s village. As a result he spent much of his time in the forests outside the town, feeling much more at home amongst the trees, mountains, and streams. Little did he know his father’s people were keeping a watchful eye on him.

His Grandfather (mother’s father) was the town blacksmith and when he could not be out in the forests he would spend his time learning the craft. His grandfather was training him to one day take his post as the Blacksmith of the town.

His mother was an herbalist, apothecary even. She was very familiar with what herbs could cure certain types of wounds. Many times his mother would commission him to find specific plants to bring back for her to experiment with. He learned much about making natural remedies, healing salves, and where to find the ingredients to make them.

He never really played with the other children from the town; they mostly tormented him about his mixed heritage. He instead made friends with animals. Learning their ways, how to silently stalk his prey, tracking it for miles, how to be ever vigilant so that nothing would surprise him. At a very young age he would be gone for weeks at a time going deep into the woods, foraging his own food, communing with nature. As he got older the forays into the woods would get longer and longer, sometimes months at a time. It was during one of these trips that he met his father’s people…

He had gotten quite skilled at moving through the woods unnoticed, aware of everything around him. That’s why he was so surprised when he turned around and found a group of elves standing not more than ten feet away, looking directly at him! His bow was up before he could even think, but none of the elves made a move to harm him. He lowered his bow as one strangely familiar elf stepped forward. He identified himself as Belegornor (Beleg+orn)(mighty tree)), “I am your Father”. It took a moment to sink in, he had never searched for his father and yet here he was. “Come with me, there are many things you must learn.” And so…

Over the next 12 years his father and the Wood elves trained him to be a protector of the forest. How to move without anyone knowing he was ever there. How to take what he needed to survive without upsetting the balance of the forest, how to fight with the bow, the sword, and axe when necessary, and how to avert violence when able. How to make everything he could need with what was found around him. They taught him how to be a Ranger.

When he was finally ready, they sent him out to find his path. Equipping him with a finely crafted Elven Bow, Elven Chain, the sword and Survival gear he had come in with, and probably most importantly, physical prowess and vast knowledge of the forest and the world around him.
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