Eobert of Mercia

User: Alan
Campaign: 13th Age- Homebrew
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Cleric of Antioch/1
Third son of a minor noble house. Within the family it is the role of the 2nd son to join the Church and the 3rd to be the squire and later steward for the 1st son (and heir).

Eobert was trained in the martial arts and spent much time guarding the borders against the evil influence of the undead, and other more mundane pillagers.

When Eobert was 13, his oldest brother was killed in a hunting accident. The family contacted the Church to have the new heir relieved of his vows, so that he could take up the reins of his heritage. Eobert, a devout follower of the Church,. offered to take vows in his brother's stead and was accepted by the Church.

He showed a natural inclination for the divine, but was not of a sedentary or monastic nature, so he joined the Order of Antioch so that his talents could most help the kingdom and the Church.