Earl Matthews

"You live and learn, or you don't live long"
User: Tyler
Race: Caucasian
Gender: Male
Theme song:Ace of Spades - Motorhead

Medium build
180 pounds
dirty blonde hair
never smells good or bad
constantly caring a crossbow and a large knife
wears layers of worn shirts most sleeveless
Earl’s was always a survivor even in the orphanage, First Baptist Orphanage in Monticello, Arkansas that is. At the age of twelve his only friend Jeb who was eighteen got kicked out of the orphanage, and Earl followed along. With no place to go they started wandering around the country side looking for food and shelter. Jeb who was a decent hunter stole a crossbow and bowie knife for Earl. Jeb and Earl watched each other’s backs, hunting in the country side and eventually moving north. Eight years later as they enter the Ozark National forest Jeb goes out to hunt for the night as Earl cures meat from that morning’s hunt. Two days pass and Jeb has not returned, so Earl grabs his crossbow and bowie knife and heads out in the direction that Jeb went. Earl knew that broke branches so he could find his way back and Earl picks up on it right away. 2 hours later Earls walks through some thick brush and out into an opening where he finds Jeb’s foot prints alongside a bears tracks, he mutters to himself, “Adult bear by the look of it, the claws are elongated and by the position of its toes a grizzly, Ha ! Jeb’s got himself some good eatin’ tonight.” Earl crouches and tracks Jeb like he tracks any animal. Soon he notices Jeb’s tracks getting longer with each step, “Jeb must have been running, but from what? The bear.” Earl follows along and finds that the tracks come out to a river and bend behind a bluff. And there he saw it, in the tracks, a confrontation between Jeb and a bear. Earl walks himself through the fight to understand what happened, “As Jeb came around the bluff he tripped and fell on the ground, then I assume the grizzly walked around the corner here and stood up, Jeb shot his crossbow at the bear, but didn’t kill it, it charged him and he ducked behind a tree and took off into the river.” The river wasn’t that deep maybe a foot at most; Earl looks up at the end of the river and see’s Carrion Crows on the bank. “Fuck! “ As Earl approached Jeb he could just barely make out that it was Jeb, his insides had been ripped out, clawed at and eaten. Earl stood there for a good ten minutes in silence before he took Jeb’s bolts from his crossbow, said a few words and went back to camp.
After staying in the Ozarks for a while he traveled up toward the small town of Jasper, Arkansas. After a bad hunt and a rainy night Earl finds what seems like an abandoned house, Earl walks up and tries to open the door, “Who’s there ?” says an old female voice from inside. “Just looking for a place to stay Ma’am I ain’t got nowhere else to go.” Earl stays and Muriel enjoys the company, and always says that Earl looked just like here oldest son who passed away. After about 2 months of Earl helping around the house and learning metalwork from the leftover magazines and the forge that belonged to Muriel’s husband, Muriel passes away. Little did Earl know but Muriel but him in her will, leaving him twenty thousand dollars, a two story house built in the early 1900’s, 200 acres of land that butts the Ozark National forest and a 1973 Ford pick-up truck the Earl recently got running again. So for the next five years Earl maintains the property hunts and does the occasional metalwork job for a bit of income.