User: Linnea
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Druid
5'9" human woman, longish brown hair normally worn in functional styles (ponytail, braid). Athletic build - feminine, not muscular. Light green eyes. Late 20s/early 30s. When not in her self-imposed "uniform" for guild duties, she chooses comfortable, simple, functional clothing appropriate to her schedule.
Orphaned in a village raid and raised by elven parents on an orchard, she showed an affinity for trees early in life. She was introduced to The Knights of the Leaf in her late teens and has been a stable constant in their ranks ever since. She is still in contact with her childhood friend (male) with whom she may share a romantic relationship. However, she doesn't speak of him much, so he is mainly an unknown factor.
Elenna has some distinctly elvish mannerisms from her upbringing beyond speaking elvish. She was raised in the faith of Ehlonna. She loves embroidery of all kinds and her clothes are often embellished with small forest scenes and other flora. She has an eagle familiar (Kiran Arundel, or just Kiran) who travels with her and seemingly can communicate to her. (Possible xenotelepathy?) She works for the guild. Most of the year she lives in the city in a small but comfortable house near the guild chapter building. She also keeps a home in one of the nearby forests, to which she retreats as often as can be managed.