Sith Stonewolf

"Hunt your dungeon and take your tresj"
User: lizzie
Campaign: To Become Gods
Race: Wild Elf
Gender: Female
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Chaos Sorcerer/1
Sith is firstly based on a previous character. The campaign ended way too early and my DM was nice enough to left me recycle her. I've really enjoyed this character playing this character in the past and since we're creating gods of this world I really liked the idea of her becoming one.

Sith is a wild elf that has fallen out of the fey wild into the natural world. She is a sorcerer so she has kind of fallen into using magic. So any any opportunity she has to learn more about magic she will take it. She's very curious and doesn't care for secrets. She loves animals and dislikes dark places.
She is from the feywild and her parents are still there. She isn;t opposed to living in the natural world but she would like to find a way home eventually.