Phoenix's Fiery Grace

"(In Japanese) The Flowers on your grave fell."
User: Carlos Ramos
Campaign: Swamplight Burial
Race: Stargazer
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Theurge /Adren
*OOC: Pure Breed 5*

"Konichiwa (Greetings), I am Okazaki, Kenji, of the Clan of Tokugawa, deeded Phoenix's Fiery Grace, Adren of the Nation, Born of two Noble Garou (Metis), Shugenja(Earth Aspect) of the Ghost Moon (Theurge), of the Tribe of the Stargazers, Master of the Way of Kailin (Kailindo), Master of the Rite of the Sept of Willow's Light of Central Florida, and Beta of the Pack who is Blessed by the Honor of Grandfather Thunder called, Rages Against Silken Threads. I welcome you."