User: Andrew
Race: Grey Wolf
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class: Animal Companion
built for stamina, Shadow possesses features ideal for long-distance travel. His narrow chest and powerful back and legs facilitate efficient locomotion. Shadow is capable of covering several miles trotting at about a pace of 6 mph, and has been known to reach speeds approaching 40 mph during a chase.Once Shadow was said to have made 7 meter bounds when chasing prey.
Born in a litter of 6 Shadow was abandoned when his mother was killed by orcs. left alone to fend for himself Shadow spotted a camp fire, in the woods late one night. Drawn to the heat Shadow crawled up to the edge of the trees to help escape the cold night air. he was then discovered and fed by a boy and the priest traveling with him. That boy grew up to be Aric and that priest was Brother Egil. Shadow, named by Aric was not allowed to accompany him into the monastery but stayed outside where Aric tended to sneak him in late at night and feed him. soon Shadow and Aric became inseparable.
Aric's friend and companion Shadow stays close to his master's side always protecting him from any danger that come along. only death could pull him away.